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Vegan Dating – 3 Reasons You Should Go On Video Dates

Vegan Dating – 3 Reasons You Should Go On Video Dates

vegan dating

Vegan Dating – 3 Reasons Why You Should Go On Video Dates

By: Vegan Cupid, Vegan Matchmaker & Dating Coach, Find Veg Love

vegan dating

The pandemic has forever changed the dating scene, but it’s not all bad!

I know going on video dates might seem kind of “futuristic” to some of you, but that’s the reality of dating in the 21st century so it’s time to embrace it.

I know a FaceTime date might seem totally awkward…what do I say? Do I look okay? Am I sitting normally? Is this the right angle? Enough lighting? Is my room neat?

I’m here to tell you that getting over these concerns is worth it because I can think of about 100 reasons why going on video dates is a really good idea. Today I’m going to give you my top 3 reasons.

#1 Meeting People Who Live Outside Your City

We all know that meeting other vegan singles in a primarily meat-eating world can be super challenging, especially if you are looking for a vegan who shares your particular interests, be they animal rights protests, vegan fashion, farmed animal sanctuaries, or all of the above.

For example, vegan single men are hard to find, right?! Actually, I want to be wrong on that one. But, it can seem that way.

As someone who’s been helping vegan singles find love, I always remind people that just because someone is vegan, it doesn’t mean they are perfect for you! It’s merely a great starting point, or possibly a prerequisite. There’s even a term for vegans who will only date other vegans: vegan sexual. 

If you’re really set on meeting someone who shares your vegan lifestyle, one way to open up your options is to look outside of your city.  

My signature key phrase is… love doesn’t have a zip code.

One great thing that came out of the whole pandemic is that many people started working remotely from home (or from anywhere in the world really). This gave people WAY more flexibility when it came to location.

Exploring a connection with someone who lives outside of your city is totally possible by going on a few video dates with them!

You don’t even have to spend any money, all it’s costing you is your time (which is super valuable, more on that next).

Don’t think you can develop a connection with someone over video? I challenge you to look at this video and tell me otherwise 🙂

#2 Save Time & Money

vegan dating - video dates

We all know that time is the only thing you cannot buy more of, and no one wants to waste it! And money doesn’t grow on trees yet, so no one wants to waste their hard-earned money either.

Life is so short, and I don’t know about you, but as I get older time just seems to fly by more and more every day.  So if you want to save time, going on a video date is where it’s at.

How exactly are you saving time AND money?

Imagine this, you spend an hour getting ready for your date, you drive through crazy traffic, have a really hard time finding parking, you finally get to your meeting spot, and after 15 minutes you seriously have nothing to talk about with your date.

Can you say awkward???

Now, had you gone on a video date prior to meeting in person, and had nothing to talk about after 15 minutes, you could have easily ended the video date and made other plans, or binged on your favorite Netflix show instead.  

Without having spent money on gas, parking, and your meal.

And yes I even recommend going on video dates with someone who lives in the same city as you! It’s not weird, I promise.

Thanks to Covid, hopping on FaceTime or Zoom to chat and connect with people is the new normal.

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#3 The Power Of Body Language

vegan dating

Being able to see someone’s body language is everything, my friend! 

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before.  

You’re texting back and forth with someone you matched with, you’re totally into them.  

They send you a text and you have no idea what to make of it…was it a joke? Are they being serious? What the heck?

You get upset, kinda make a big deal out of it, when all along it was a joke, and you feel totally embarrassed….

Now had this conversation happened over a video date, you would have been able to clearly see they were smiling when they said it, and it wouldn’t have blown over.

I’m really not a fan of texting back and forth for long periods of time.  So much can be miscommunicated over text, and it’s so impersonal. I know it’s super convenient and fast, and we’re all busy and it’s a great way to stay in touch with someone.  

But being able to see someone’s face over video (when you can’t see them in person quite yet) is so much nicer.

The Takeaway

So, the next time you find a match on Clubhouse, or match with someone on a dating app, instead of texting back and forth for daaaaaays, ask them if they want to hop on FaceTime.


Looking for more video dating tips to boost your confidence? I put together a super detailed guide that will help you take your next video date to the next level.


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