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Plant Based Treaty = Climate Solution!

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Plant Based Treaty = Climate Solution!

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Get Ready to Sign the Plant Based Treaty! 

Wildfires are devastating many parts of the world due to man made climate change.
Wildfires are devastating many parts of the world due to man-made climate change.

The Plant Based Treaty is a solution that comes just in the nick of time… we hope. And, the good news is: YOU can be part of it, just by signing on.  As we doom-scroll on our laptops and phones, nervously reading about the global wildfires, floods, drought, and paralyzing heat, it’s tempting to view ourselves as pure victims. But, of course, we are participants in this human-made catastrophe.  The New York Times summarized the terrifying, new United Nations climate report, issued on Monday, August 9th, 2021, “…the new United Nations report said that the world has been so slow to cut emissions, it was certain to miss one of its basic goals to limit warming. It said atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide had not been this high in at least 2 million years, and the past decade is likely the hottest the planet has been in 125,000 years. And in unusually direct terms, it said that human activity — burning oil, gas and coal — was squarely to blame.”  But, one culprit was not mentioned.

We Must Tackle Animal Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change!

Animal agriculture, largely responsible for methane, is a key component of climate change, being overlooked.
Animal agriculture, largely responsible for methane, is a key component of climate change, being overlooked.

We must stop ignoring a key piece of the climate puzzle: animal agriculture‘s enormously destructive role in our climate crisis. Enter the Plant Based Treaty! On the same day as the UN’s head-snapping warning, a grassroots movement was announced, urging the world to combat the harmful methane produced by the animal agriculture sector. Here is what the Plant Based Treaty news release laid out:

“Scientists warn methane reductions are probably the only way of staving off a 1.5 degrees Celsius rise. Cutting carbon dioxide is not enough to solve the climate crisis – the world must act quickly on methane and switch to plant-based food. According to the IPCC 6th assessment report, we need to swiftly address methane, and we believe the Plant Based Treaty can contribute to the methane agreement that scientists are calling for.”  Read The Guardian’s brilliant new explainer on the role of methane, produced by the meat/dairy sector, and its crippling impact on the climate. 

The 3 Demands of the Plant Based Treaty

The Plant Based Treaty offers concrete solutions.
Become an Early Endorser NOW by emailing: endorse@plantbasedtreaty.org.

“As a companion to the Paris Climate Agreement, we are urging governments to negotiate a global treaty which will include the following 3 R principles:

  1. Relinquish: the animal agriculture industry cannot continue to expand and deforest the earth.
  2. Redirect: promote a radical shift to plant-based food systems away from animal agriculture.
  3. Restore: heal key ecosystems and reforest the Earth.”

“This report makes it clear that rapid, strong and sustained reductions in greenhouse gases are needed now. We cannot wait two, five or ten years. It has to be done now. We need to transform to a plant-based food system as a matter of urgency if we are to reduce methane to safe levels and slow global warming.” Nicola Harris, director of communications at Plant Based Treaty.

“While carbon dioxide is the dominant gas, stronger reductions in methane are critical. The Plant Based Treaty (along with the Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty) provide a logical  pathway to the solutions needed now,” Anita Krajnc, campaign coordinator for the Plant Based Treaty.”

Become an Early Endorser of the Plant Based Treaty!

Starting on August 31st, 2021, individuals can sign the Plant Based Treaty.  But, corporations, non-profits, and social media influencers can become Early Endorsers NOW by emailing: endorse@plantbasedtreaty.org. The goal is to put pressure on national governments to negotiate an international Plant Based Treaty, modeled after the popular Fossil Fuel Treaty. Get involved now. The clock is ticking. 

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On October 18, 2022, Los Angeles City Council unanimously endorsed the Plant Based Treaty in response to the climate emergency. Councilmember Paul Koretz introduced the resolution with Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson on September 6. The decision was made just ahead of the annual C40 World Mayors Summit, which convenes October 19-21 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“LA is historically known to lead the nation in environmental trends,” said Jane Velez-Mitchell. “What happens in LA spreads to the rest of the world.”

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