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Which Tokyo Olympians Are Plant-Based and Dairy-Free?

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Which Tokyo Olympians Are Plant-Based and Dairy-Free?

Dotsie Bausch Olympic cyclist

Vegan Olympian Spills the Beans on Tokyo Olympics Athletes!

Dotsie Bausch Vegan Olympian
Dotsie Bausch, Vegan Olympian

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover which Tokyo Olympians are plant-based and dairy-free. 

But first, why is this MAJOR plant-based shift happening at all?

Vegan olympian, Dotsie Bausch, knows first-hand why! Recently, Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnchainedNews had the pleasure of interviewing Dotsie. You can watch the whole video at the bottom of this article. 

Dotsie ditched the dairy at 37. She did this despite many people warning her that it would jeopardize her Olympic dreams. Her response to the doubts shared with her? A major victory in the 2012 London Olympic Games, winning a silver medal for her country!


Well, her athletic recovery and performance went through the roof after making the switch! This is what she had to say about the incredible experience: 

“What happened after I made the switch was nothing short of extraordinary. It was kind of magical. I wasn’t expecting it, but my performance improved drastically, and I knew there was no turning back.”

Dotsie Founded switch4good.org to Spread the Word

Dotsie founded this organization as a response to the decades of commercials promoting dairy. What’s clear is that Switch4Good kicked off with a blast!

Back in 2018, Dotsie and a small group of plant-based Olympians ran a revolutionary commercial featuring these athletes.  They all proudly declared that they had “made the Switch4Good” to improve their athletic performance. This was the beginning of this positive powerhouse of an organization!

Dotsie Bausch Vegan Olympian
Dotsie Bausch, Vegan Olympian

Switch4Good states that:

“The goal is to provide a community and a platform for people to share their dairy-free stories and help motivate those who have not yet made the switch, knowing we are right here beside them the whole time. Everyone who is a part of our community comes from different skill levels (some of us have won Olympic medals while others are training for their first 5K), different sports affiliations, different backgrounds, and different paces of life, but we can all come together under our common bond: to live better and do more. Going dairy-free is how it all starts.”

What’s not to love about that?

Now, Dotsie has a message for other athletes and consumers worldwide to make the switch. Thinking about going plant-based too? Well, take a look here at the MANY reasons why that would be a great idea! For all these reasons there is a growing number of Olympic athletes now joining the call to ditch dairy! 

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Now for that all important list of plant-based and dairy-free Tokyo Olympians…

Dotsie mentioned some MAJOR names who had made the switch:

  1. Micky Papa – Pro skateboarder

  2. Kaylin Whitney – Track and field

  3. Vivian Kong – Fencing

  4. Victoria Stambaugh – Taekwondo

  5. Perris Benegas – Freestyle BMX

  6. Ali Riley – Soccer

  7. Alex Morgan – Soccer

  8. Sue Bird – Basketball

  9. Mark Cavendish – Road Cycling

  10. ?Who else is plant-based and dairy-free? Dotsie reckons there are other Olympians using this revolutionary switch as their secret weapon!

Watch the entire interview with Dotsie above! Will you follow in the footsteps of these Olympians? You can make the switch at switch4good.org. Also, stay up-to-date with the latest in plant-based cooking, animal rights, health and the climate at JaneUnchained.com

Want to connect with Dotsie Bausch? Click here. 

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