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Dog being fed fresh vegan dog food

Bramble’s New Vegan Dog Food is Fresh and Home-Delivered

Trendy Dogs in Weho
Trendy Dogs in Hollywood are all ears when it comes to new ways to make dog food!

Just when you thought you’d seen everything! Now, dogs are getting trendier! No, I’m not talking about elevated water bowls and trampoline dog beds… I’m talking food! Humans are going vegan in droves. Now, dogs are joining the plant-based pack. And, this will get you barking with joy. A new vegan dog food company makes the case that nutritionally balanced vegan dog food can be very good for our canine companions. Of course, we are not making recommendations, just showing you the options! You decide after listening to the founder of Bramble, Amanda Rolat, who did an hour interview with #Janeunchained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. The entire video is at the bottom of this story!


Jane Unchained Jane Velez-Mitchell talks to Bramble founder Amanda Rolat
Bramble vegan dog food founder Amanda Rolat interviewed by Jane Unchained Jane Velez-Mitchell


Amanda’s Story

Amanda talked about why her brand of vegan dog food is different.

BramblePets.com is a 100 percent plant-based dog food that offers a meaty taste dogs love. It’s fresh and delivered to your door. Two Bramble recipes, the Cowbell and the Roost, have just been launched. Both of these contain an organic pea-protein base. Therefore, people can mix the two. Plus, Amanda’s ingredients are all carefully sourced from US suppliers.


Healthy dogs are happy dogs.
Healthy dogs are happy dogs. Cabo and Foxy at play!

Amanda says: “I came up for this for my dogs, Bryn and McGruff. I’d recently just lost my dog, Harry, to cancer. Consequently,  I had a crash course in pet food. I already had a lot of experience with the problems associated with commercial dog foods. But I had been feeding him a “high-quality,” expensive kibble. That was how I came to decide that I wanted to feed my dogs fresh food.”

Even Amanda’s company name is derived from vegan dog food history. Amanda explains: “The company is named after the dog who reportedly held the Guinness World Record for living the longest. Bramble lived until 25 or 26-years-old and Bramble ate a fresh food vegan diet. Accordingly, that is exactly the belief in what we’re doing at Bramble the company.”


Vegan dogs can, like vegan people, be happier, says Amanda.

Feeding a healthy dog Bramble vegan dog food
Bramble vegan dog food is healthy, fresh and plant-based

“Dogs are suffering from an increase in degenerative diseases that are very similar to what we are seeing in humans. These are related to diet. Consequently, we’re seeing increased levels of obesity. Fifty percent of dogs are overweight. Additionally, there’s been an increase in diabetes in dogs in the last 10 years. Plus, one in two dogs will get cancer, like my dog Harry.”

The links between human health and dog health were obvious to Amanda immediately. Of course, health is directly connected to diet she states.

“I really wanted to feed my dogs, Bryn and McGruff, a fresh food diet. Therefore, I began to wonder if I should feed my dogs as I feed myself – the whole food, plant-based diet. We all know you can be vegan but eat a very processed diet.”


Amanda continues: “We all have a carnivorous image of dogs because we are taught to by pet food companies. Consequently, I hired board-certified vet nutritionists just to see if this was healthy for dogs. I was really amazed at what I learned.

“There’s really no controversy about this. I learned that dogs are omnivores and the leading allergens in dog food are beef, dairy, and chicken. Therefore, dogs with allergies are often put on vegetarian diets.”

Amanda also discovered that these alternative protein sources are high quality and consistent compared to animal bi-products.


Dog balancing on hind legs
Dogs can balance on their hind legs. Nutrition is also a balancing act!

The recipes for Bramble vegan dog food are formulated by Amanda at home by testing the recipes on her own dogs.

“When we formulated this recipe for my dogs, they loved it. So, I wanted other people to be able to experience it for their pets too.

“Upon switching over, I was feeding my dogs Wild Earth and VDog and I encourage people to mix those with Bramble.


Amanda highlights how original Bramble is as a plant-based pet food product. She states: “Bramble is distinct because it’s fresh. It’s a non-processed diet. Therefore, the one thing I couldn’t find in the pet food industry was the way I feed myself. I try to focus on non-processed foods, fresh foods, and whole foods, minimally cooked and plant-based.

“The focus at Bramble is on the quality of ingredients, the fresh ingredients, gently cooked and frozen so it’s not something that sits with preservatives on shelves.”

“In the fresh category of pet food, Bramble is the only one that uses 100 percent plant-based ingredients.

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Bramble is certified by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) – they set the standards for pet foods. They set the minimum requirements for nutrients in pet foods. Plus, Amanda’s dogs eat entirely Bramble.

Dogs can get all the nutrients they require from Bramble, confirms Amanda.



Dog owner receiving a box of Bramble vegan dog food
Bramble is delivered frozen to your door

You can get Bramble vegan dog food delivered to your door. Plus, the company is expanding to offer its product to even more areas of the United States.

“It is delivered directly to the consumer on a subscription basis. We are only in the North East right now, but we will be expanding to the rest of the East Coast and parts of the Mid-West by the time many of you read this and we’ll hopefully be on the West Coast by early 2022.”


Bramble actually ships frozen. You put it in the freezer and defrost it as you need it. It lasts up to six months in the freezer. And once you put it in the refrigerator and remove the safety seal it lasts five to seven days.

Go to bramblepets.com and sign up.

And follow @bramblepets on Instagram

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