Sangita Iyer and Asian Elephant
Four Ways to Save India’s Elephants

India’s elephants are struggling, both in the wild and in captivity. Now, Sangita Iyer, the maker of the documentary Gods in Shackles, is using four practical solutions to save them Los Angeles, May 31st, 2024 — India’s elephants desperately need help.

Fighting for India’s Elephants

Award-winning filmmaker Sangita Iyer is fighting to help India’s elephants who are suffering from exploitation and the effects of human expansion. Los Angeles, January 12, 2024 — There are only about 35,000 to 40,000 Asian elephants left on planet Earth.

Two animal rights books
Why 2 New Animal Rights Books Are Very Timely

Two fascinating, new, animal rights books address our current climate crisis and the need for legal personhood for animals Los Angeles, August 11th, 2023 — New Zealand author M C Ronen and American authors Sam and Cynthia Machado have produced two very different animal rights books.

Press conference of the new bill to ban elephant captivity in NYC
New NYC Bill to Ban Elephant Captivity Could Free “Happy” the Elephant

NYC Council Member Shahana Hanif has introduced a bill to ban elephant captivity in New York City which could force Bronx Zoo to release the elephants Happy and Patty to a sanctuary New York, May 14th, 2023 —  Council Member Shahana Hanif has introduced a bill to ban elephant captivity in New York City.

Happy the elephant at Bronx Zoo
Unhappy Court Ruling for Happy the Elephant, But There Is Hope

The Court of Appeal in New York has ruled against animal rights advocates seeking to “free” Happy the elephant On June 14, 2022, the Court of Appeals ruled on the case of Happy, the lonely elephant at Bronx Zoo, and unfortunately, it does not look good for her — or any of the other captive animals whom animal rights advocates had hoped could be recognized as legal persons by US law.

Woolly Monekey Ecuador
Trailblazing Captive Animals Are Changing Human Laws

With recent success in Ecuador, the case for granting legal personhood to some captive animals is advancing all over the world. A huge case comes up May 18th in New York involving Happy, the elephant. Happy, Estrellita, Kaavan, Chucho, and Billy may become names that future law students will have to memorize.

Asian Elefants from Asian Elephants 101
New Documentary Series ‘Asian Elephants 101’ on UnchainedTV

The new documentary series, Asian Elephants 101, is now streaming on UnchainedTV  to showcase the plight of India’s most iconic species. Asian Elephants 101 is a powerful TV series produced by renowned wildlife filmmaker and author Sangita Iyer, and funded by the National Geographic Society.

Help free the elephants of India from a lifetime of suffering.

ELEPHANTS OF INDIA… UNCHAINED! The elephants of India need your help!  And, guess what, you can have a whole lot of fun saving them. You are invited to a not-to-be-missed festival filled with concerts, films, auctions, celebrities, including legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, and surprise guests!

Elephant at Kindred Spirits
Who Is Helping Thailand’s Elephants During COVID?

Wonderful discussion with Kerri McCrea, Manager & Co-Founder of Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary – Thailand (KSES), and Gemma Annan Manager & Co-Founder of Thailand Elephants, on how we can help the elephants during the quarantine. Due to the COVID lockdown, those dependent on the working elephants of Thailand, mainly in the tourism industry, KSES has taken in 60 elephants.

Would You Crawl Into A Cage for the Animals?

Cesar Asebedo reporting LIVE for Jane Unchained News Network at home with Ellen Andrea Dent co-founder of Animal Save Movement group Animal Alliance Network. Today Ellen is taking the Coronavirus Confinement. Challenge along with activists around the world in solidarity with the billions of animals worldwide who are confined their whole lives 24/7 365 days a year!