Vegan Health Experts

A vegan goes to the doctor with a sprained wrist and, somehow, it ends up being about the patient’s veganism. What about all those sickly people in your waiting room? They’re not vegan. The fact is, most doctors get precious little education in nutrition or disease prevention.

Our entire medical system is designed to medicate and operate on people AFTER they get sick. You can’t make money treating a disease that never occurred. But, thanks to organizations like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a growing number of doctors are waking up and realizing there is a better way.

In most cases, heart disease, long America’s leading killer until COVID-19 took that title, is connected to diet. Meat, dairy, and eggs are packed with artery-clogging cholesterol. Processed meats, from deli slices to hot dogs, are officially carcinogenic, according to the World Health Organization.

So, when it comes to optimal health, what’s really up doc? Find out from these leading, vegan health experts.

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