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Author & Dr. Joel Kahn Shares Top 5 Tips for Boosting Immune System

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Author & Dr. Joel Kahn Shares Top 5 Tips for Boosting Immune System

Dr. Joel Kahn and Elysabeth Alfano

The AWESOME VEGANS Influencer Series with Elysabeth Alfano is back!

Dr. Joel Kahn, America’s Healthy Dr. and founder of the Kahn Longevity Center, is one of the most respected plant-based doctors in the U.S. He has been featured on Dr. Oz, The Doctors and even Joe Rogan. Dr. Kahn is the author of the hit book: The Plant-Based Solution. Get it here. 

On the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series, Dr. Kahn gives his Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System. He and Elysabeth discuss the progressing Coronavirus across the U.S. and what the medical community has learned, if anything, from chasing Covid-19.

Most importantly, will there be another meat-borne epidemic given the on-going awful and cramped (um, not social distancing!) conditions of factory farming? Tune in!

For more information, visit DrJoelKahn.com.
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