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Healthy Vegan Desserts: Break Food Addictions Deliciously

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Healthy Vegan Desserts: Break Food Addictions Deliciously

Healthy vegan desserts on a plate

Eat Healthy Vegan Desserts & Kick Sugar Addiction???

Nut-Free Chocolate Cake that's 100% guilt-free. Courtesy DrFuhrman.com
Nut-Free Chocolate Cake that’s 100% guilt-free. Courtesy DrFuhrman.com

Imagine being able to gobble up chocolate cake, strawberry ice cream cake, chocolate peanut butter bread, caramel chocolate chip muffins, gingerbread layer cake, cashew cream lemon bars, blueberry banana muffins, and more… without a moment of guilt and without compromising your health or weight. Well, guess what? YOU CAN!

All of those decadent-sounding desserts are from Talia Fuhrman‘s fabulous new book: Desserts to Live For.  CLICK HERE to order! 

JaneUnchained readers get a 10% discount. Aren’t we good to you? When ordering, enter the code Unchained10.

All 96 Dessert Recipes are Vegan and Fruit-Sweetened! 

Sunflower Coconut Muffins from Talia’s new book! Dairy-free, fruit-sweetened, flaxseed “eggs.” Courtesy DrFuhrman.com

Talia is the daughter of legendary nutrition expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Growing up, Talia was obviously paying attention to her dad because her extraordinary desserts are sweetened with dates. Flaxseed is her healthy alternative to eggs, thereby avoiding artery-clogging cholesterol. Dairy-free milk takes the place of cholesterol-packed cow’s milk. The recipes are both sugar-free and oil-free, thereby cutting down on unnecessary calories. Voila! A few smart workarounds and you can have your cake and eat it too! 

JaneUnchained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell spoke to them both. Watch the video to discover how to break the destructive cycle of food addiction and buy a book filled with 96 healthy vegan desserts.

Sugar Addiction Is Real

Talia explains: “This book is a product of loving the culinary arts and wanting the healthier version of desserts to taste just as incredible as the toxic bad-for-you addictive stuff.”  Joel Fuhrman’s expertise in nutritional science helped guide his daughter’s choice of fruits to replace addictive, processed sugar.

Dr. Fuhrman is the author of many bestselling books, including Eat for Life. He also runs drfuhrman.com. His website provides one-stop shopping to transform your health!

“A diet that is healthier and more micronutrient dense with more phytochemicals and antioxidants leads to a longer lifespan and more ability to reverse disease and heal.

“Green vegetables come out as the highest nutrient-dense food and the most protective against cancer, heart disease, and dementia.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Bestselling author, nutrition expert

Joel Fuhrman during an interview on JaneUnchained.
Joel Fuhrman is an expert on nutrition and healthy eating.

Healthy Vegan Retreats

Dr. Fuhrman also offers vegan retreats to help people on their dietary journey noting,  “We encourage two to three-month stays and treat this as an addiction – we retrain the tastebuds. We treat food addiction like the real addiction it is. Many people know they are eating badly but don’t know how to stop.”


There’s No Sacrifice! Kick Your Sugar Addiction!

Talia Fuhrman
Author of Desserts To Live For Talia Fuhrman.

Talia, who has a degree in nutritional science, commented: “Natural healthy food has a rich beautiful flavor on the tastebuds.”

She also explained one of her tips for making delicious, sugar-free, healthy vegan desserts. “Medulla dates are fantastic refined sugar replacement.”

Joel Fuhrman adds: “Sugar directly damages brain cells.” White flour products are exactly the same. They flood the body with a huge amount of calories at the same time. It increases your desire to overeat.”

However, it’s not only our bodies that are damaged by our dietary choices.

Bad Food Hurts The Planet

The new film Eating Our Way to Extinction explores the relationship between diet and climate change. Basically, the biggest driver of climate change is animal agriculture.

Talia explains: “Learning about climate change is tough. It’s an understatement to say it’s a tremendous problem. The fact you can eat vegan and healthfully and also reduce your global footprint drastically is incredibly rewarding and powerful.”

Meat And Climate Change

Dr Fuhrman adds: “It’s a shame no one is talking about the relationship between eating meat and climate change. But, the elephant in the room is not being discussed. Unless the world drastically reduces their consumption or stops eating meat we’re not going to solve the climate change issue and it has to be done very urgently.”

Signs Of Hope

Cover of the book Desserts To Live For by Talia Fuhrman
Desserts To Live For by Talia Fuhrman

But there is hope. Talia continues: “I’m in my 30s, but my younger brother is in college and they learned about climate change in school and I didn’t have that. It’s becoming more talked about and it’s going to be talked about more.”

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Her father adds: “The biggest opportunity to change the views of adults in power is to have a larger force of young people and educators insisting on this.”

Don’t forget, you can try Talia’s recipes for yourself by checking out her healthy vegan desserts book.

Get Your Copy

Remember to Grab Desserts To Live For with the 10% discount code – Unchained10 – from Dr. Fuhrman’s website. You can also buy some of the recipe’s ingredients from the site.

Additionally,  check out all Talia’s amazing projects at: taliafuhrman.com. Talia’s site also features some of her own amazing recipes.

And in case you missed it, here’s the interview with Dr Fuhrman and Talia once again.





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