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Thumbs up to Swingers Diner for Offering Delicious Vegan Options!

Thumbs up to Swingers Diner for Offering Delicious Vegan Options!


Monday’s #LunchBreakLIVE featured vegan options at an iconic Santa Monica, California, restaurant called Swingers Diner! It’s not a vegan restaurant, yet it has tons of delicious vegan options! We ordered the Quinoa Bowl, the Avocado Toast and the stupendous vegan Cobb Salad! Supporting vegan options is a crucial aspect of creating a vegan world! Taste testers Patrizia Mari Barretto, Paige Parsons Roache & Jane Velez-Mitchell sample the options.

Swingers Diner has been open for business since 1993. They offer a wide variety of menu items and you can order vegan options from avocado toast to a Soyrizo scramble. It’s amazing to see more and more restaurants offer vegan options due to demand from customers. For this reason, never feel shy to ask for a vegan option at restaurants that don’t offer vegan options on the menu. Change can start with you.

Please visit Swingers Diner and order their vegan options to show appreciation for these offerings and keep them on the menu! And if you can’t make it to Santa Monica, they also have another location in West Hollywood on Beverly Blvd.

Camera work by animal activist Adam Leo for


Delicious Vegan Cobb Salad with tofu and fried onions!


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Chef Nikki Searless

Vegan Avocado Toast accompanied by fresh-squeezed green juice.


Protein-rich Quinoa dish featuring diced tomatoes and delicious spices.


Vegan (thumbs up) and vegetarian options available.



Just a couple of the vegan options available on the Swingers menu!
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