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Ask Gov. Jerry Brown to SIGN SB1249: Help Make Cruelty in Cosmetics History!

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Ask Gov. Jerry Brown to SIGN SB1249: Help Make Cruelty in Cosmetics History!



#JaneUnChained LIVE with actress Alicia Silverstone who’s headlining a news conference with advocates of the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, SB 1249, at the California State Capitol! This bill bans the sale of cosmetics/shampoos, etc. that are tested on animals! The full California State Assembly will vote on the bill soon!

Call California Governor Jerry Brown to SIGN SB-1249. Call Governor Brown NOW at: 916 445-2841, Press 1 for English, Press 6 to talk to a person!

As Simon Reyes explains, animal testing is not only inaccurate, it is unnecessary. Use your dollar to vote against companies that test on animals by NOT BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS. Support brands like Lush Cosmetics and other cosmetic companies that support the end of animal cruelty in cosmetics.

 Call Governor Jerry Brown to ask him to sign SB1249 as well. These animals are relying on you to advocate for them!

We can put an end to cruelty in cosmetics with your help!!!

Links to companies and organizations that support SB1249:

Social Compassion In Legislation Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) LUSH Cosmetics Sacramento – Arden Fair Mall


Call your Assembly Member and ask them to VOTE YES on SB1249:


*Add Area code (916)*

California assembly members phone number table. CALL ASAP!!!

Photos by Jane Velez-Mitchell:

The gorgeous Alicia Silverstone, famous actress, and celebrity activist helping fight for cruelty-free cosmetics!!!


Alicia Silverstone happy to take a selfie with fellow activists!


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Simone Reyes, CA Assembly Member Ash Kalra,, and Katie Cleary pose in support of SB 1249.


Linda Middlesworth, the founder of V-Dog vegan dog food, suffered from heat exhaustion in this amazing test rat suit. Wow what an inspiration woman!


Check out the back… Absolutely amazing costume! These activists will suffer and do anything to bring awareness to pain animals tested on experience!


Activists in full force asking assembly members to vote YES on SB1249. Please sign this act Gov. Jerry Brown!






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