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Fur Could be Banned in Los Angeles with Your Help!

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Fur Could be Banned in Los Angeles with Your Help!


Animal Lovers asking Los Angeles, California to BAN the sale of FUR in Los Angeles joining San Francisco, California & West Hollywood, California. Animals’ skins belong on their bodies, not ours.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Animal Defenders International, Los Angeles Animal Save, Those Annoying Vegans and many more, all here to lend their voices for the innocent animals of the cruel fur trade.

This hearing was one more step towards change for the animals. As mentioned in the hearing, Los Angeles has the opportunity to lead by example as a fashion and glamour capital of the world. If Los Angeles says no to fur, we expect many other cities and metropolitan areas will follow. Fur has not been banned in LA yet but we are that much closer to saving animals from tortured fates in the future.

According to Ana Carov of Those Annoying Vegans, “The city attorney is drafting the order, which will then be reviewed and revised by the city council, and then it will go to Mayor Eric Garcetti for final approval.” We are uncertain of the time frame for these next steps but we will follow closely and offer updates of major developments concerning this ban.

For now, you can take action by contacting your city council members https://www.lacity.org/…/council-direct…   and asking them to pass the fur ban in Los Angeles. Please be sure to thank Councilmembers: Blumenfield, O’Farrell & Koretz for bringing this important issue to the public.

We invite representatives of the fur industry to respond at any time.

Stay up to date on the City Clerk’s website here

Sarah Segal reports for #JaneUnchained

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache, Those Annoying Vegans (Ana and Brian), and Sarah Segal.


Sarah and LA City Council Member Paul Koretz are all smiles after the fur ban hearing.


Activists pose excitedly outside of the LA City Hall hearing room after the unanimous vote to push the fur ban forward.


LA Councilmen Paul Koretz demonstrates his love for animals as he admires Sarah Segal’s service dog, Boomer Jr.


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Paige, Brian, and Ana excited for the next step to ban fur in LA!


Ana Carov, of those Annoying Vegans, speaks up to promote the fur ban.


Brian Ruppenkamp, of Those Annoying Vegans, addresses the council members, lending his voice to the voiceless.


Animal rights activists pose peacefully in support of the fur ban.


Amy Jean Davis and Paige Parsons Roache pose outside of City Hall. Paige looks fabulous in her faux fur. Who cares if it’s almost 90 degrees outside??
Ana and Brian give the unanimous vote from city council a thumbs up. Activist Susanna and David behind them, cannot contain their excitement!


Activists pose outside of Los Angeles City Hall after the vote passes the fur ban to the next step. We will never give up!


Everyone loves Boomer! Ryuji Chua comes down to his level to show him the love all animals should be extended.



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