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Plant-Based Milk Does a Body Good! Ditch Dairy Today!!!

Plant-Based Milk Does a Body Good! Ditch Dairy Today!!!

We’re celebrating #WorldPlantMilkDay every day! #JaneUnChained is thrilled to be talking LIVE with Dotsie Bausch, vegan Olympic Cycling Silver Medalist & 8-time US National Champion about this campaign! Dotsie is among the major athletes headlining this #Switch4Good campaign to get consumers to switch to healthy plant-based milks!

As Dotsie explains, “milk is not a health food, it is a marketing campaign and it is making people very sick.” Consuming dairy products is making people very sick. To make matters worse the dairy industry is receiving subsidies from the United States government, which fuels their profits. They market dairy products as part of a whole diet with the food pyramid, which is inaccurate and its guidelines have been changed thanks to the efforts of the nonprofit, The Physicians Committee for Responsibility in Medicine.

“Always look under the hood,” Dotsie says, as she explains how 65 percent of the American population has an intolerance to dairy.  If people are experiencing severe stomach cramps, asthma, diarrhea, then these symptoms may be linked to dairy intake. Dotsie says to try other milks like cashew, almond, rice, and coconut milk. She recommends cashew and coconut milk as great transition milks when quitting dairy milk. Oat milk also froths really well on a cappuccinos and many people like it that do not care for the nut milks. When you find out something could be effecting your health adversely, like dairy, it is advisable to stop consuming it. Please watch the video for Dotsie’s cocaine analogy. Hilarious!

As Jane further explains, cow’s milk is for baby cows period. It helps them grow very large rapidly. When we drink cow’s milk, we are taking the food from a baby cow. The calf is usually taken away from the mother by force and the mother cows cry and become depressed because they want their babies. We help can stop this suffering by decreasing demand. By choosing to buy and drink plant-based milk that is better ourselves, better for the environment, and better for the animals, we can change this practice.

If you have any doubts, Dotsie invites you to go to a dairy farm. Go and see for yourself the practices that produce dairy products. Dotsie shares her personal experience visiting these farms, seeing the cows are suffering. The calves are separated from their mothers and chained up before they may be sent away, and slaughtered for veal. Make it stop, and drink plant-based milk like an Olympian instead!

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Plant Based News #DairyIsScary.

The Dairy Industry is invited to respond at any time. 

Jane Velez-Mitchell Reporting LIVE.

Report edited by Ellen Dent

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