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Renowned Activist James Aspey Takes Action in LA!

Renowned Activist James Aspey Takes Action in LA!

James Aspey and fellow activists get as close to the truck as they can to give water to thirsty pigs.

#JaneUnchained #Live at a special vigil with Animal Alliance Network, Los Angeles Animal Save and the March of Silence near downtown Los Angeles, California on October 31st, 2018. Special guest James Aspey, an incredibly effective public speaker and animal rights activist from Australia, speaks to the activists. He and his girlfriend, Carly Taylor, selflessly came out here to show mercy to baby pigs on Halloween night.

Scared eyes peer through the holes of the truck.

James and Carly were truly impressed by how organized and strong our activist community is her in Los Angeles. They have been to many vigils but they said had never seen one so organized as this one. James and Carly bore witness to the baby pigs, as what seemed like an endless sea of trucks pulled in one after another. Each carrying over 100 pigs, tired, and eager to drink the water offered by the activists.

James also gave a very inspirational speech to the activists, saying that just by being at the vigil tonight they are “warriors” in the fight to help these animals. He says the biggest problem that we are facing today is that “People just don’t understand who these animals are. They don’t see them as being as worthwhile or as valuable as we are.”  When we view animals in this way we are “forgetting that we are animals as well.” People don’t realize that package of meat is an animal that made the ultimate sacrifice in order to end up on that store’s shelf. James explains that vigils help “bridge that gap,” helping people make the connection between that animal and what they buy at the store.

Some of the organizers, Shaun Monson, Amy Jean Davis, and Ellen Dent took a photo with James Aspey and Carly Taylor.

We need to empathize with others who still believe the lies told to them about humane slaughter and free-range farming. Keep posting, sharing, and doing all that you can to debunk these lies. Help others make the connection today so that no more animals will be trucked to their deaths one day soon!

The dedicated group of activists that selflessly came on Halloween night to give love to these animals one last time.

The company is invited on any time to discuss.

Jack DiMillo and Paige Parsons Roache report for JaneUnChained.com

#Janeunchained reporting #LIVE Just miles from #Downtown Los Angeles, California  at a slaughterhouse bearing witness and giving water to pigs as they arrive to the slaughterhouse. Incredibly, about 200 activists showed up at the second joint vigil on Sunday night organized by Animal Alliance Network, Los Angeles Animal Save and the March of Silence with special guests James Aspey and Carly Taylor. Many came from other cities in California to meet and listen to James speak! His speeches are truly life-changing!

About 200 activists came out to show mercy to baby pigs and meet James Aspey and Carly Taylor!

James Aspey attended two joint pig vigils while he was visiting in Los Angeles. He was amazingly open about his story and generous with his time while he was here. He bore witness to the suffering of the animals destined to enter the slaughterhouse. He also gave a few interviews and did two speeches. It was truly amazing to have him and if you watch the video above he explains his transition to veganism and why. Incredibly he was like most of us at one time and had not made the connection with our fellow animals.

James graciously gave another speech at this vigil and it was phenomenal!

“We are seeing changes. What we’re doing is working.” The movement is growing. A few years ago there weren’t vigils, and there weren’t cubes of truth and now there are hundreds of chapters for both organizations worldwide! All but one of us was born vegan at this vigil, and the rest of us “broke the mold,” by pulling away from tradition. We have the duty to act on the part of these animals and we can’t stop until all animals are liberated. Our posts are powerful. Their reach can be endless, so keep sharing. Animals should have the right to live in peace and not be used as commodities for human practices. We will keep fighting for their rights in any way we can until they are afforded the same rights as we have as fellow animals!

Watch James’s speech in the video below!

The company is invited on any time to discuss.

Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and by Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

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Connect with your local Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

Ashley Froud and Melanie Langston-Bazzell reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network.

#JaneUnchained #LIVE with James Aspey & Anonymous for the Voiceless for #InternationalCubeDay. Thousands of #Volunteers all over the world today showing the reality of where their “food” is born & bred. The Dominion: Documentary,a film that will help consumers understand the truth, is also on display on the screens.

Watch as James Aspey speaks to two former military men about empathy for other animals after they have been paid minimally to kill human beings. Will he be able to convince them that non-human animals lives matter? These men may have not been ready to hear the message yet, but James didn’t quit trying. One of the men believed that we need to mass slaughter animals to feed the increasing human population. But that could not be further than the truth. The grain and food that we feed animals that we raise to kill, could feed the world. Tell the 842 million people that are currently starving worldwide and the 3.1 million children that die yearly that they should not be able to eat that grain wasted on fattening animals destined for slaughter. James says it best, when we stop buying these products, we can end this animal holocaust. Stop paying for violence. Come out to a Cube of Truth to help share the message with others! Happy International Cube Day!

Attend a Cube of Truth with the Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter in your area!

Sarah Segal reports for #JaneUnchained

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

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