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EWEE! Eat What Elephants Eat with Dom Thompson!

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EWEE! Eat What Elephants Eat with Dom Thompson!

These yummy ingredients make this EWEE bowl sensational!

#LunchBreakLIVE with the one and only Dominick Thompson, vegan athlete and entrepreneur who owns the clothing line Crazies and Weirdos and the nutrition line Eat What Elephants Eat! Dom is making his signature EWEE (Eat What Elephants Eat) bowl! Watch as Dominick tells us his compelling journey to veganism.

Dom began his transition to veganism almost 18 years ago when he was doing time in prison. He ran with the wrong crowd in Chicago and he ended up being convicted for his activities during that time. He used this time to think and remembered when he was a young boy and how he rejected eating chicken wings. He naturally felt empathy for the animal where the wings came from. He also stopped his friends from fighting their dogs or throwing rocks at animals. Instead, he persuaded his friends to rescue animals instead. He did what he describes as a “hard reset” during his time in prison, deciding not to sell drugs anymore, and he went vegetarian.

Chickpeas have 15 grams of protein per cup so there is no need for animal protein here!

The bowl is full of good stuff. Spices and smoked tempeh give it extra flavor. Yum! There is no need to eat animals to be healthy and fit like Dom. Yes ladies and gentlemen you can build muscle and be strong like Dom with plants alone! Jane is in awe of Dom’s big vegan muscles. He proves that eating meat is not masculine. He’s fought the notion that eating meat makes you more of man. Dom explains that eating meat is outdated and completely unnecessary. He uses social media as his “weapon” to spread his message.

We love a man that cooks delicious vegan food!

Dominick is changing the world with his business ventures. He has developed a successful vegan clothing line Crazies and Weirdos, and he has a meal planning plant-based nutrition program, Eat What Elephants Eat. Today, Dom shows us how he eats. Jane and Melissa Breslow help him in the kitchen. Dom makes his delicious vegan ranch dressing for the EWEE bowl. After the bowl is compiled, he covers it with his homemade vegan ranch dressing. This bowl looks too good to be true as he mixes it all together! Everyone loves the bowl and taste tester/cameraman Gregory Scott says that he is convinced after tasting the bowl and seeing Dom, that he can eat and live this way too! Sign up today for the program on the Eat What Elephants Eat website and get access to this recipe and so many more!

This bowl is packed with nutrients!

Check out Dom’s fantastic ventures:
www.CraziesandWeirdos.com & EatWhatElephantsEat.com

Dominick doesn’t need to harm innocent creatures to be a pillar of masculinity!
Jane Velez-Mitchell  reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Kitchen of animal activist and Vice President of Vegfest, Melissa Breslow.
Camerawork by Gregory Scott.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.
Jane, Dom, and Melissa, three vegans changing the world with their crafts!

Dom’s EWEE Bowl Recipe!

1 Japanese sweet potato 

1 avocado
1 .5 cups of chickpeas sautéed
1 cup of chopped tempeh
1 full adult size tomato (two small-medium tomatoes
may be used)
1 cup of pistachios
1 stalk of kale
2 tbsp. hemp seeds
Optiona12 tsp Ancient black organic seeds
Optional (croutons)
Vegan ranch ingredients: 
1/2 Cup of vegan mayo
2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 .5 tsp of dried dill
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp of dried parsley
1 /4 tsp of onion powder
1/4tsp paprika
1 /4 pepper
1/4 sea salt

3/4 tsp of maple syrup

1. Prep Rinse stalk of kale, potato and tomato.  Slice avocado in half and remove from shell.  Remove pistachios from shells (If necessary.  shelled pistachios are available). Cut tomatoes in slices and small quarter sizes.  Remove and drain chickpeas.
2. Strip kale from stems.  Place kale in two bowls equally.  Distribute pistachios, and sliced potatoes equally onto the bed of kale.
3. In a pan, on medium heat, add 1tbsp of liquid amino soy sauce to chickpeas.  Season to your preference.  EWEE sautéed ingredients include pinches of chili powder, sea salt, garlic, onion powder, paprika, pepper, half a lemon squeezed.  Sauté for 7-10 minutes until chickpeas begin harden.
4. In another pan, on medium heat, heat-up tempeh and season to your preference. (See EWEE preference above in number 3). Sauté for 7-10 minutes.
5. Bake potato until soft or place in microwave, tightly wrapped in a paper towel on high on potato setting.  Remove and let sit for 2 minutes and cut into slices and small quarter sizes while warm and soft.
6. Add and distribute sautéed chickpeas, tempeh and
potato into the bowl of kale. Add half a avocado to each
bowl. sprinkle hemp seeds and black seeds evenly
between both bowls.
7. For dressing, mix all ingredients together in a
separate bowl using a large spoon or whisk. add
dressing to the top of the ingredients of the bowls (Our
signature barbecue sauce refine not included). Enjoy!


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