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Traditional Okroshka Veganized!

Traditional Okroshka Veganized!

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#LunchbreakLIVE Charlotte Roi shares her story on how veganism changed her writing, acting and directing. Watch Charlotte make her traditional Okroshka for our taste taster @melaninbee of Holistically Healarious. Okroshka is a traditional Russian summer soup. The soup is served cold and is nice and refreshing on a summer day!

Charlotte did an amazing job of veganizing this soup on her first try!

Charlotte grew up in Latvia, which is a country that borders Russia. She moved to London, and later she moved to Los Angeles. She is currently working on a mini serious  called “From Russia with Love.” The series is satirical and follows two Russian women looking for love in America. They follow the hilarious trials and tribulations of these women as they learn American culture is much more different than they had previously thought. Charlotte remembers her culture shock when she moved to the United States, so she wanted to make a comedy series based on parallels in her life. 

Charlotte and Melanin Bee pose as Melanin Bee takes a few more tastes of her soup. Yum!

Today Charlotte veganizes Okroshka for the first time. She says to make sure to cook the potatoes and carrots the night before because they need to be chilled for this soup. Next, Charlotte makes vegan kefir with Ripple Foods pea milk and coconut yogurt as the base. She adds lemon juice and the chopped cooled vegetables. She also adds cucumbers and pickles, which are essential for taste. Melanin Bee tries the soup and says the “rue” is delicious! Try making this fresh cool summer soup at home with the recipe below. As temperatures rise in Los Angeles, it’s sure to be a hit with all of your friends and family!

Charlotte and Patrizia pose with this delicious refreshing soup!

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Reporting for JNN, Patrizia Mari Barretto.

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Photos courtesy of Patrizia Mari Barretto and Charlotte Roi’s Instagram.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.



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