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Marvel Hero Kid Starts The Youth Climate Save Movement!

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Marvel Hero Kid Starts The Youth Climate Save Movement!


Genesis is changing the world by spreading her message of compassion for all beings!

Coronavirus Crisis Response: Youth Climate Save. Watch as this new youth-led movement, which is part of The Climate Save Movement, is launched in the midst of this global pandemic. As the world reels from a virus that began in a meat market, with the unnecessary slaughter of animals, the next generation wonders: how can we prevent this from happening again?! Now, the new Youth Climate Save Movement is offering an answer: just stop killing. If we were a plant-based society, this crisis would not be happening. If we were all plant-based, there would be no meat markets to spawn disease. One of the world’s youngest TedX speakers, Genesis Butler, offers answers with her mom Genelle VP Butler, Ellen Andrea Dent of Animal Alliance Network and Amy Jean Davis of Los Angeles Animal Save! Watch, comment and share out!

Genesis is a real-life hero, helping save animals and our futures by starting a worldwide youth-led movement despite the Coronavirus Crisis!

Genelle Butler says their “covidcation” isn’t slowing her young superhero daughter, Genesis, down. Genesis has been hard at work creating a youth movement that is already gaining worldwide attention! Youth Climate Save promotes veganism as a way to slow the adverse consequences animal agriculture is having on our environment and our lives. Genesis proves that even though we can’t leave the house we can still be activists for the sake of our futures. Kids from around the world have already reached out to start chapters in their areas as far away as Australia! Maybe our vegan children and teens will be the solution to preventing further pandemics originating from the consumption of animal products. Only the future can tell. We can’t wait to see this youth movement towards compassion flourish!

Genesis’s love for animals led her whole family to veganism and countless others around the world!

Amy and I have organized our respective chapters of The Animal Save Movement side by side. We entered into this journey called motherhood together! Now, we have a whole new perspective on the world and a new determination to ensure our daughters have a safe and thriving world in which to grow up. For this reason, we have teamed up to offer all the support we can to the next generation of activists as part of the Youth Climate Save Movement. We are excited  to help young people develop their own platform so their voices can be heard! We want them to have the same opportunities for self-expression that we have as adult organizers. Be sure to check out the Youth Climate Save Instagram page to enter the logo drawing contest and stay up to date on other exciting climate actions!

Enter your drawing today!!!

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Check out Genesis as a comic book hero on Marvel’s Hero Project! 

Follow Los Angeles Animal Save and Animal Alliance Network for updates on when their vigils will resume.

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Connect with your local Animal Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.


Cesar Asebedo reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Genelle VP Butler, Youth Climate Save Instagram, and Climate Save Instagram

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