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COVID-19: Uproar Against US LIVE Markets Grows in Coronavirus Backlash!

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COVID-19: Uproar Against US LIVE Markets Grows in Coronavirus Backlash!

Sheep about to be slaughtered

By now, we all know that this coronavirus plague began at a live animal market in China. In 2003, SARS also began at another live market in China. Obvious conclusion: eliminate live animals markets to reduce the chance of further outbreaks.

You may be shocked to know that there are more than 80 live animal markets in New York City alone. As with any place where animals are slaughtered, these facilities are drenched in blood, urine, feces, bone, flesh, guts, eyeballs, etc. There is growing alarm over amongst New Yorkers as the famed city has become the new global epicenter of the virus that is crippling the world. The question is: are these live animal markets a petri dish for another virus that could cause widespread suffering, illness and death? TheirTurn.net‘s Donny Moss allowed us to rebroadcast this short video report he filed, shot at live markets in New York City. It has gone viral.

In this #JaneUnChained #LIVETALK, TheirTurn journalist Donny Moss and SlaughterFreeNYC founder Jill Carnegie discuss their battle to get mainstream media coverage and serious discussion of this crucial issue. Find out why advertiser-based media seems afraid to touch it, despite the growing outcry.

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Any representatives from the slaughter/live market industry are invited on any time to respond.

live and ill or dead chicken together
This image was taken at a live slaughter market in NYC. You see one sick or dead chicken housed next to chickens still alive and waiting to be slaughtered.
As you see here, this is an exchange of a carcass for cash.
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  • Wet markets, extracting bile from caged bear is just unthinkable the people who do this are the devil’s spawn. I only wish someone would do the same to them when will it ever end?.

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