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Elysabeth Alfano’s Top Ten Vegan Snacks

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Elysabeth Alfano’s Top Ten Vegan Snacks

For the full rationale for why these are Elysabeth Alfano’s Top Ten Fav Vegan Snacks, watch the video :). For the spoiler alert and cliff notes, here is the quickie list:

1. Dates and cashews (runner up: raisins and almost, 2nd runner up: cranberries and walnuts)
2. Air Popped Popcorn with Braggs Amino Acid and Nutritional Yeast
3. Hummus and Cucumbers
4. Guacamole and homemade chips
5. Pumpkin Seeds
6. Carrot Raison, Oat, Pumpkin, Coconut Muffin
7. Peanut butter on apples
8. Cherries and berries
9. Figs
10. My special Juice

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