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World Plant Milk Day is NOW!

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World Plant Milk Day is NOW!

One of the world's most famous families: Billie Eilish and mom Maggie Baird. Both are vegan!

It’s World Plant Milk Day

That’s right. Today is World Plant Milk Day, the day to celebrate all things oat milk, cashew milk, rice milk, flax milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, M​ilkadamia​. These products open up a world of possibility for those who make the conscious choice not to drink traditional cow’s milk.

Plant-based Upgrades

Robbie Lockie, the co-founder and co-director of Plant Based News, founded this community grassroots campaign in 2017 when he decided we needed our own day to celebrate these delicious upgrades. In his ​conversation with Jane Velez-Mitchell,​ he corrects himself every time he calls plant-based milks “alternatives.” He says that he prefers the word, “upgrades,” because that’s what they really are. Way more delicious, actually good for your body, and not harmful to our planet. I’d call that a major upgrade. Check out the interview with Robbie Lockie to hear more about World Plant Milk Day, the health benefits of plant-based milk, and the environmental effects of ditching dairy.

Let’s Celebrate Plant Milk

Lucky for us, Plant Milk Day is on a Saturday this year. So despite the chaos 2020 has given us so far, we have this one good thing – the fact that we can spend this whole day celebrating plant milk. Heck, I’d say let’s make it a whole weekend. Why not include a lovely Sunday brunch with oat milk pancakes topped with coconut-based yogurt, strawberries, and coconut milk whipped cream? Okay, now I’m really looking forward to that, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to Saturday!

Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, says kick dairy now!
Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, says kick dairy now!

Here’s my suggestions for celebrating World Plant Milk Day:

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1. Start your day by heading over to D​unkin’​ to get an iced coffee with ​oat milk –
ju​ st added to stores this week. How cool is it that Dunkin’ now offers this? I’m sure you’ll want to take some friends to Dunkin’ with you to enjoy a nice socially-distanced Saturday morning coffee and walk. While you’re there, remind your friend about that horrible stomach ache they always have after having a cow’s milk latte, and urge them to try it with oat milk instead. (Because friends don’t let friends drink cow’s milk.)

2. Try making your own. Milk your own almonds. Paige Parsons Roache uses her new plant-based milk maker, Almond Cow, but there are plenty of other ways to do it without this fancy equipment.

You can follow this recipe provided by World Plant Milk Day to make your very own ​rice milk.

  1. Take the 7-day dairy-free challenge​. And tell everyone about it! Tell your mom, your grandma, your weird uncle, your fun aunt, your roommates, your lunch buddies. ​Nominate​ them for the challenge. Most people by now have tried almond milk, but tell them about the rest, the different ones for different purposes, barista style, vanilla, chocolate, heavy whipping cream, creamer for coffee.
  2. Finish the day off with some plant milk ice cream and vegan cheese. Your local grocery store probably has some! I’d say you should buy enough for all seven days of the dairy-free challenge. You deserve it.
    Our very own, Jane Velez-Mitchell urges everyone to ditch dairy!
    Our very own, Jane Velez-Mitchell urges everyone to ditch dairy!

Billie Eilish and her mom Maggie Baird are proud vegans. Along with supporting World Plant Milk Day, Maggie Baird is also the woman behind the amazing SupportandFeed.com campaign. She gets people to donate to vegan restaurants who make vegan food that’s, in turn, taken to children, seniors and others in need during this pandemic. JaneUnChained’s vegan cooking show highlighted Maggie’s work. Click here to check out the amazing show, now streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video.

World Plant Milk Day with Billie Eilish
One of the world’s most famous families: Billie Eilish and mom Maggie Baird. Both are vegan!
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