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International Vegan Film Festival Goes Virtual

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International Vegan Film Festival Goes Virtual

International Vegan Film Festival 2020

Virtual International Vegan Film Festival 

Looking for something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve a lot of effort? Grab some popcorn and dark chocolate, and watch the International Vegan Film Festival’s first-ever virtual festival. For the first time, you’ll be able to join this fantastic event from the comfort of your couch. And I know everyone is itching to do something more exciting and more impactful than binging Selling Sunset. From October 10th through the 17th, you can catch digital screenings, panels, filmmaker Q&As, and more. Starting this Saturday and ending next Saturday, you can fill your day with compassion and meaningful engagement!

Virtual International Vegan Film Festival 2020
Happening October 10th – 17th!

Watch the International Vegan Film Festival Trailer!

Here’s a peek into what you might see at the festival. 

The official International Vegan Film Festival Trailer:

Tickets and Passes

You can buy tickets for individual films or a pass for all eight days. 

If you’re in Canada, you’re in luck. For $55, you get the full pass with admission to all 28 short and feature films. If you’re outside of Canada, you get a pass for 25 short and feature films for $45. 

Definitely worth it for a week’s worth of inspiring vegan content. 

Films Include:

Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet*


Countdown to Year Zero

Don’t Stand for Injustice

Freedom for Skye

Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story

Humans & Elephants


Kindred Creatures

Lawless Lands: The Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam

Leilani Munter: #1 Eco Athlete in the World 

Live Your Most Compassionate Life

Meat the Future*

Meat the Victims


Milk Does A Body Bad

Monbiot: Arresting the Truth 


On the Wild Side*


REGAN RUSSELL – Killed For Compassion


Test Subjects


The Medical Illusion

See Also

Torre Washington: Vegan Bodybuilding Champion

Unsupersize Me in Cuba: Shaping a Dream

Wild Hearts

*Canada only 

Countdown to Year Zero

Directed by Jane Velez-Mitchell, this film addresses the importance of a vegan diet in mitigating the effects of climate change. This intense film is a call to action and a reminder that we can do something about the climate crisis. This film is now available on Amazon Prime. 

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Dr. Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers

In this Facebook Live, Jane talks about veganism as “taking our compassion and expanding it to all living beings.” When we transition to a vegan lifestyle, we acknowledge that we are not on this planet alone. We act with compassion and empathy for all life.

Review of Countdown to Year Zero

This shocking documentary shows us what ‘year zero’ looks like, why we should all be terrified of it, and how each of us can work as individuals and groups to prevent it. With unprecedented changes in climate, the sixth great mass extinction in the history of Earth is now underway, with escalated weather events around the world. Countdown to Year Zero sounds the trumpet as a call to action, an action each of us can take with one simple switch: go plant-based. From scientists to celebrities to everyday people, from new social media influencers to longtime activists to transformed campaigners, this documentary has the power to shake off apathy and awaken the most resistant peaceful warrior’s soul. 

Michelle Schaefer, Vegan Writer

REGAN RUSSELL: Killed for Compassion

Regan Russell Killed for Compassion documentary
Check out the short documentary to find out about this amazing activist!

Animal Save Movement’s short documentary, REGAN RUSSELL: Killed for Compassion, tells the story of animal rights activist, Regan Russell,  who was violently killed defending animals. A transport truck carrying pigs ran into Russell during a protest outside of a Canadian slaughterhouse. Russell’s lifetime of activism ended on this fateful day.

To continue her work, sign the petition to repeal Ag-Gag Bill 156, which criminalizes animal rights whistleblowers and activists.

Jane Unchained recently covered this story and the punk rock anthem about Regan Russell performed by Scarlet Rescue.

I hope you’re ready for a fantastic week of inspiring vegan films! Let us know if you’re going to tune in and which films you’re most excited about.


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