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Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery’s Monica Klausner

Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery’s Monica Klausner

Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery

Monica Klausner is the co-founder of Veestro!  This already popular vegan meal delivery service has boomed during the pandemic, as consumers, intent on staying healthy, increasingly turn to nutrient-packed vegan meals. Get to know Monica and Veestro. Then, check out her on-camera interview below with Elysabeth Alfano of the Plantbased Business Hour. 

The Story of Veestro

Veestro Vegan Turkey Alternative
Veestro makes a vegan turkey alternative that’s perfect for any holiday and delish!

In 2008, after reading the China Study, Monica’s brother came to her with the idea for a plant-based meal delivery service. As an investment banker with little time to focus on himself, he was looking for an easier way to eat better. At the time, Monica, busy with her own career, was relying on a lot of processed food for her own family.  She realized her own kids were eating a less nutritious diet than what she and her brother had growing up in Costa Rica before moving to the US for college. With meat prices in Costa Rica high at that time, their family’s meals were focused around fruits and vegetables. Monica wanted that for her and her family again – to eat plant-based, homemade food.

Monica and her brother decided to create Veestro, a plant-based meal delivery service aimed at young professionals who want the taste and quality of homemade food in a more convenient way. 

What is Veestro?

Veestro Vegan Turkey Alternative
Veestro makes a vegan turkey alternative that’s perfect for any holiday and delish!


Veestro is a service where you can get pre-made vegan meals delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the US. Just as Monica wants her family to have the highest quality ingredients, she guarantees the best organic ingredients go into the food at Veestro.  You can take a tour of Veestro’s state of the art facilities in Los Angeles by clicking here

You can order a chef’s choice pack, a weight loss pack, or pick your own pack. These single-serving meals will arrive at your doorstep in three days. How easy is that? 


The Right Place at the Right Time 

The incredible convenience and no contact delivery make it the perfect service for a society in the midst of a global pandemic. Veestro has experienced a huge increase in sales during the past eight months. The company was in the right place at the right time. 

Although it is a vegan delivery service, only fifty-five percent of its customers are vegan. The rest are simply experimenting with the diet as it is more important than ever to keep our bodies healthy and happy. Monica sees her service as “showing non-vegans the way,” by presenting tasty and fulfilling plant-based meals in a convenient way. 

Good Enough to Fool Meat-Eaters

In her interview with Elysabeth Alfano, Monica Klausner reveals what was on last year’s menu for the Thanksgiving dinner she held for twenty-five people. She served Veestro’s Herb Crusted Turky. Made of soy protein, vital wheat gluten, and a blend of ancient grains, this meal had her guests raving. Her mother requested the recipe, and Monica finally had to confess she’d used her own meal delivery service. 

Vegan Holiday Meals 

Veestro Herb Crusted Turky Dinner



Veestro’s holiday meals are exclusive to the holiday season and include the Hearty Seasonal Bowl, Herb Crusted Turky Dinner, Turky Scaloppini Dinner, and Holiday Shepherd’s Pie. 



Veestro Red Curry with Tofu


Most Popular Veestro Meals

Monica claims their most popular meals are the Enchilada, which is a personal favorite of Elysabeth Alfano, the Red Curry with Tofu, and the Country Fried Chickn Dinner. 

Among the other delicious dishes they have are: South Indian Coconut Stew, Moroccan Melange and Mushroom Risotto. 

Thank goodness for Monica and her brother for making it easier than ever to eat plant-based. Gotta go order my box of Veestro meals with code ALFANO for twenty percent off.


Check out Elysabeth’s talk with Monica on The Plantbased Business Hour just above.

Veestro vegan turkey
Veestro makes a plant=based turkey alternative that’s delish!









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Elysabeth Alfano is the host of The Awesome Vegans Influencer Series and the Plantbased Business Hour, airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 1p PT on Jane Unchained News.  She is also the Founder of Plant Powered Consulting, helping vegan brands increase brand awareness and sales.  Follow her at @ElysabethAlfano on socials and find more information here.Looking for more holiday convenience?

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