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Vegan Breakfast For Lunch!

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Vegan Breakfast For Lunch!

vegan breakfast

These Vegan Breakfast Options Are Simple And Delicious!

Bodybuilder Rose Donato creates a tasty spicy tofu vegan breakfast burrito with a side of golden sweet potato home fries plus a protein yogurt bowl.  You’ve got options on today’s #LunchBreakLIVE.  I love a good breakfast burrito, so I look forward to seeing how she puts this one together.  And the fact that SPICY is in the title, is a plus for me.  You know how I love my spice!  Let’s take a look at how these three dishes are made…



No Bull Vegan Fitness!

Rose Donato, has devoted 26 years to animal activism. She is a health and fitness professional, life coach, 26-year vegan, and entrepreneur. Rose has studied nutrition for over 20 years, including Cornell’s Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Course. She has over 11 years of professional fitness experience. She is a Certified Master Fitness Trainer. As an athlete, vegan bodybuilder, and fitness competitor she has competed in numerous sporting events including marathons and Ms. Universe Fitness.

Her story, in a nutshell, after becoming vegan 26 years ago she dedicated herself to helping the innocent animals that have no voice. Since then she has committed herself to fight for them. She has done numerous activities involving animal activism and always tries to do more. Her book, “No Bull Vegan Fitness For Beginners”, aims to help the animals by reaching a wide audience and leaving an impression on people’s hearts. Animals want to live, and we do not need to harm them for any reason. Rose has devoted over a decade of her life to helping people in health and fitness while trying to inspire them with plant-based nutrition.

Her greatest message to the world is you can have muscles without hurting or exploiting animals — her motto is “Meat Free Muscles”. She works extremely hard on this motto for the animals, staying disciplined and dedicated when it comes to getting her exercise daily. She has created an active fitness line called “Plant-Strong Body”, to show compassion and spread awareness for veganism, by wearing the message. She also has a small online inspirational jewelry store promoting veganism and fitness which donates to animal sanctuaries. She has always believed that success will not come to those who quit, and her goals include helping others reach their goals, as well as saving animals.

Be healthy. Save animals. Save the planet.

Follow Rose on her IG and Facebook pages.


Rose Donato
Rose Donato


Let’s Get Back To The Vegan Breakfast Cooked For Us!

Breakfast is my favorite meal, so a good vegan breakfast makes me happy.  I could eat breakfast for lunch or dinner as well, I just love it!  And frankly, a breakfast burrito rocks my world.  You can’t go wrong!  And tofu is the perfect choice for a good burrito!  You can tailor this burrito to your preferred adds, like a variety of veggies or greens, and whatever seasonings you enjoy.  Top it with some hot sauce if you love a bit of spice and you are good to go.  It pairs well with some good old-fashioned home fries, which Rose also made for us.  She made them in an air fryer, which I would also recommend.  Air fryers are so easy and require far less oil, or none at all,  to cook food, and the turnout is magnificent.  If the breakfast burrito and fries aren’t for you, you can always go for the protein-packed yogurt bowl, which also looks delicious.  Anyone who enjoys a sweeter breakfast will enjoy this option.  The recipes and instructions are below so choose what you like and give it a try.


vegan breakfast-tofu scramble cooking
The tofu and added ingredients cooking in the frying pan.


vegan breakfast burrito
The finished vegan breakfast burrito.


vegan breakfast home fries
The finished home fries.


vegan breakfast
The vegan breakfast burrito paired with home fries.


protein yogurt bowl
The beautiful vegan protein yogurt bowl.


The Vegan Breakfast Recipes

The home fries

Just cut up the sweet potato and golden potato. Sprinkle rosemary parsley and paprika

Air fryer 390

15 to 20 minutes depending on crispiness and how big your air fryer is. If you don’t have an air fryer you can put them on the skillet

No oil, water, or a veggie broth

Protein yogurt bowl

Vegan vanilla yogurt

A scoop of Vega vanilla protein powder

Stir them together for two minutes

I Added: 

Chia seeds

Goji berries

Blueberries and  raspberries (can be fresh or frozen)

Pumpkin seeds

Dried cranberries

Protein granola


See Also
Meati is so meaty, it's hard to tell it's vegan.

Optional: chocolate chip and peanut butter drizzle

Spicy Tofu Burrito

One container of firm tofu

Mash it on the skillet with a fork added salt and pepper Goya seasoning

Optional adds:


chopped up onions and peppers

Black beans

Optional: spicy seasoning and jalapeño


Add cilantro good for detox

Use veggie broth if you want for the tofu.

No oil

Thank You For Joining Us For Vegan Breakfast For Lunch!

This was a great episode with Rose, showing us how to make three super healthy vegan breakfast options.  They are also incredibly easy vegan recipes to make, which I love.  If you are looking for more plant-based recipes to make, be sure to jump over the the #LunchBreakLIVE page.  We have a ton of delicious recipes to choose from.  I am off to eat some breakfast now.  Until next time…keep cookin’!




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