Vegan Business Leaders

Vegan business is exploding on the stock market and on supermarket shelves. Beyond Meat’s wildly successful Initial Public Offering made global headlines. Beyond Meat’s Ethan Brown was the golden boy on mainstream financial networks, talking about how the future of food is meatless. The Good Food Institute notes “2019 marked another impressive year for plant-based foods! New data shows that total plant-based retail sales reached $5 billion and grew 11 percent over the past year—almost five times faster than total U.S. retail food sales. Dollar sales of plant-based foods grew 29 percent over the past two years, compared to just 4 percent growth for total U.S. retail food dollar sales over the same time period.” Now, meet some of the extraordinary business leaders behind this planet-saving trend.


Photo courtesy Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash
Vegan Pensions, the Next Ethical Frontier

THE CASE THAT RATTLED THE PENSION INDUSTRY In 2020, I won a lawsuit that led an employment judge to rule that ethical veganism is a protected class in Great Britain.  A week later, I read this headline on a leading financial website called the FT Adviser: Landmark vegan case threatens to disrupt pensions industry.

build vegan community
Veg Events: Your Global Directory of Vegan Events!

VegEvents: Connecting You to Vegan Events Worldwide It’s not easy to be a vegan in a world where those around us are busy killing, grilling, or wearing animals.  Jason Schramm, a New Jersey-based engineer and techie, went vegan and immediately felt a strong need to connect with other vegans.

Didier Toubia
Lab-Grown Meat Has Arrived! Aleph Farms CEO Didier Toubia

Lab-Grown Meat: The Ultimate Game Changer What if we could have meat that didn’t require an animal to be slaughtered or the environment to be harmed? You may be thinking… that’s just impossible. I mean, isn’t that why many of us became vegan – to mitigate animal suffering and protect our planet?

Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery
Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery’s Monica Klausner

Monica Klausner is the co-founder of Veestro!  This already popular vegan meal delivery service has boomed during the pandemic, as consumers, intent on staying healthy, increasingly turn to nutrient-packed vegan meals. Get to know Monica and Veestro. Then, check out her on-camera interview below with Elysabeth Alfano of the Plantbased Business Hour.  The Story of Veestro In 2008, after reading the China Study, Monica’s brother came to her with the idea for a plant-based meal delivery service.

Vegan Milk Takeover! Califia Farms’ Greg Steltenpohl Speaks

Plant-Based Milk Skyrockets During COVID-19 Pandemic Plant-based milk represents 14% of the milk category…it’s time for a full takeover. Market leader and co-founder of Califia Farms, Greg Steltenpohl, is on the Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano. TUNE IN to know the disrupted future of dairy and the next-generation business models that will succeed.

Tofurky Founder, Seth Tibbott and Elysabeth Alfano
BREAKING: Tofurky Sells Its 6-Millionth Cruelty-Free Roast

Here is a bit of good news!  Tofurky just sold its 6-millionth cruelty-free roast! Sales for 2020 are up 22%! Get yourselves a scrumptuous roast by Tofurky this holiday season or dive in and make Elysabeth Alfano’s plant-based Stuffed Turkey Breast.

Bjorn Oste, founder of Oatly
The Man Behind Oatly Plant-Based Milk!

Meet the Co-Founder of Oatly, Bjorn Oste Elysabeth Alfano’s Plantbased Business Hour featured Bjorn Oste, co-founder of Oatly and founder and CEO of Good Idea Drinks. Read about this entrepreneur’s fascinating journey. Then, check out his on camera interview below!

NEver Binge Again
Never Binge Again! Top 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life and Relationship to Food

GET OFF THE ROLLERCOASTER! NEVER BINGE EAT AGAIN! Plant-based Dr. Glenn Livingston reveals to Awesome Vegans Influencer host Elysabeth Alfano how to GIVE UP BINGE EATING NOW! Not only is his advice life changing, but it is life affirming to anyone who struggles with craving and binge eating.

BREAKING NEWS: More Vegan Restaurants Open Rather Than Close During Covid-19

  NEW VEGAN RESTAURANTS OPEN DESPITE PANDEMIC AMAZING NEWS! More vegan restaurants opened than closed during COVID-19! In an interview with Elysabeth Alfano on the Plantbased Business Hour, Happy Cow Principal Ken Spector revealed that the vegan restaurant scene continues to expand despite the pandemic.

Vegan Seafood Rides the Plant-Based Wave! Meet Chad Sarno of Good Catch Foods.

Co-Founder of Good Catch Foods, Chad Sarno is on the Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano. With people eating less beef, pork and chicken, they are switching to fish. However, our oceans are already depleted. With seafood consumption on the rise, that means more commercial, factory farming of fish.