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Superfood Snacks for the Holidays!

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Superfood Snacks for the Holidays!

Crostini Delights Recipe
What’s a crostini? To paraphrase, it’s loosely described as a thinly sliced small piece of bread topped with various delicious fresh fixin’s.
Choose your plant-based bread. Is it an Italian baguette, a gluten-free sourdough from Mario’s or a fresh baked loaf from Karma Baker? 
Slice thinly. Generously spread a layer of nut cheese of your choice. Perhaps it’s Mario’s Crazy Cashew 

, or Treeline’s herb or even one of my favorites from Punk Rawks Labs cheese  

Next, add your toppings of choice: a slice of tomato, spring of fresh basil and sliced Kalmata olives? 
Place the topped slices on a lightly oiled baking sheet, bake for 10 minutes and enjoy! 
 Scrumptious Kale Chips 
You’ll need:
1 lb. of organic, fresh large leaf dark kale
2 Tsp. of organic olive oil or coconut oil (add more as needed)
1/8 C. of Nutritional yeast, AKA “Nooch”
1 tsp. Real Salt (this is the brand), or Himalayan salt   
A Splash of Bragg Aminos
A Squeeze of fresh lemon 
First, remove the stems of the kale by holding the leaf at the top of the stem with one hand, and with two fingers on the other hand, swiftly pull down on the two sides of leaves. Next, break up the pieces into bite sizes. 
In a large bowl, massage the oil into the kale. Sprinkle the salt, nooch, Bragg Aminos and lemon evenly on the kale pieces. Continue to massage all of this yumminess into the kale for two minutes. Once moist, place all contents on a baking tray and bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes, shifting the kale on the pan with a spatula regularly to ensure even baking. 
When crisp, remove the chips, place in a bowl, serve and enjoy!  Crispy, delicious, packed with protein, nutrients and health value in every bite! For a savory AND sweet option, add melted organic dark chocolate. Blow-your-mind flavor! 
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