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Veggie Dog Debuts at Ikea!

Veggie Dog Debuts at Ikea!

Come inside and get your vegan eats on at IKEA!
#JaneUnChained #LIVE at IKEA with fashion model BJ Hollifield (Burbank, CA)! This massive global enterprise has long had a vegan veggie ball alternative to meatballs! Now, they’ve debuted a vegan veggie dog! Let’s check out the action at the cafeteria!
This veggie dog is cheap and great for after you’ve tired yourself out shopping at IKEA.
Yes you heard right. Veggie dogs are being served at IKEA along with meatless Swedish meatballs, which they have had for a while. Her daughter loves them too! The veggie dogs are very economically priced at $.75 each, the same price as the hotdog made from dead animals. Wash your vegan snacks down with a frozen lemon drink. We can also look forward to having a vegan soft serve ice cream they are testing to launch in the summer of next year.
The menu. The veggie dog can help you cut calories too! Who knew?!
BJ says the veggie dog is so good with the grilled onions and German mustard. It is definitely something to sink your teeth into! We’re so glad to see that IKEA is getting with the times and offering vegan options. We can’t wait to see more options get added to their menu. Please make sure to support vegan options at IKEA and all businesses whenever you can!
You can take home frozen veggie alternative Swedish meatballs to make later!
BJ proudly displays two bags of veggie balls!

Check out IKEA in Burbank to get your vegan goodies!


Jane Velez-MItchell and BJ Hollifield reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

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Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell.

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