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Make Your Own Rockin Rocky Road Candy!

Make Your Own Rockin Rocky Road Candy!

No wonder this candy is so good. These ingredients will make your mouth water while you’re making it!
Today on #SaturdaySnackdown, Erin Riley-Carrasco, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50, shares her most requested recipe from 2018: Vegan Rocky Road Chocolate Candy, which has only 4 ingredients! So delicious and perfect for the holidays.
This looks like the rocky road to heaven!
Erin emphasizes to check the ingredients of these four ingredients to make sure they absolutely do not have any animal products. This simple recipe is Erin’s most requested recipe of the year! We can see why. The ingredients are delicious on their own! Erin wants to inspire pre-vegans to transition to veganism with her knowledge and great cooking skills. She is here to show that there are alternatives to using of animal products. Erin explains that if you aren’t vegan yet you are probably consuming cholesterol which can make you very sick. Erin has recovered from aggressive form of cancer and owes her miraculous recovery partly to eating a plant-based diet!
This candy is a perfect low-effort recipe to bring to all of your holiday parties. People will rave about your rocky road candy, and you can pretend that you’re a fine chocolatier! This was super simple to make and you can pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes and it’s done! You can put it in holiday candy wrappers or bags and make extra festive! Try making it at home with Erin’s recipe below.
Erin poses in her Christmas sweater with her delicious treats!
Erin Riley-Carrasco reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
Video work by Erin’s husband, Allen Carrasco.
Photos courtesy of Erin Riley-Carrasco.


“Rocky Road Vegan Chocolate Candy.”
It’s the easiest recipe ever and only take 5 minutes to make! Serves 12

1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup VEGAN mini marshmallow (Trader Joe’s brand is suggested)
1 cup Spanish peanuts
16 ozs (usually takes 4 bars) VEGAN Baker’s Chocolate Bars
Line a 13×9 pan with wax paper and spread vegan marshmallows out evenly on bottom of pan
Melt vegan chocolate according to package directions in the container it comes in.
When fully melted, stir in peanut butter, then mix in spanish peanuts
Pour mixture into pan on top of marshmallows and spread evenly with spoon so you can’t see whites of marshmallows
Cool in fridge for 20-25 minutes, take out and cut into squares
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