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Second Wave of Protests Hit CBS Over Big Boi Fur Horror!

Second Wave of Protests Hit CBS Over Big Boi Fur Horror!

These activists are determined to stop the glorification of skinned animals!
#JaneUnChained #LIVE: #CrueltyBroadcastingSystem protest against CBS & CBS Sports for the hideous glorification of fur at the Super Bowl halftime show! Who allowed Big Boi to wear at least 25 dead foxes? In a tragic irony, the show then broadcast the word LOVE, making a mockery of the concept! Protesters are demanding CBS apologize, investigate, and establish a network-wide fur-free policy! Actress Lori Alan speaks!
Lori Alan expresses her perspective of fur used in the entertainment industry.
Lori Alan‘s message is clear. You would not want to see your dog or cat skinned for a fur coat and these animals are no different. She risks so much by speaking on camera against CBS’s decision to broadcast an entertainer wearing the suffering of so many beings! Lori has prospective job opportunities with CBS, but her passion for compassion is more important to her. She is willing to risk her career to take a stand for the animals and let CBS know that the display of dead animal skins on their broadcasts is unacceptable to her and all of her fellow protestors this day.
Jane reads the letter to the executives of CBS.
All of these activists came here and volunteered their time out of the necessity for change. It is no longer acceptable to flaunt animal cruelty and the time to ask for change is now. The animals that are being tortured and skinned alive for humans to wear fur cannot speak for themselves. So we have to speak for them in protest of the torture and painful deaths they experience so people can walk around wearing their skin and fur. The time of cavemen is over. We can sythesize any material now and make it just a high quality without harming other beings. Today CBS will be broadcasting the Grammy’s Award Show on their network and activists will be there again to stand up for animals and lend them their voices. Please join us if you are in the Los Angeles area. The Facebook event link is below. Compassion is in fashion and we demand better for our fellow sentient creatures!
The police came to help keep the peace at the request of the studios.
The network is invited on any time to respond!

Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache, John Hays, and Heather Anahita.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.

More photos from the protest:
Meanwhile, in New York they held an earlier protest outside of CBS headquarters. This protest is coast to coast and we are demanding answers! 
We are #LIVE for ##JaneUnchained in New York City at the #CBS headquarters for the second wave of coast-to-coast protests of CBS and the #BigBoi #FUR FIASCO at the Superbowl halftime show. Animal lovers here will march in front of CBS, which they are now calling #CrueltyBroadcastingSystem, in outrage of their promotion of fur and will hand CBS staff a letter asking the network to: publicly apologize, investigate the decision-making process, adopt a network-wide fur-free policy.
The network is invited on any time to respond!
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