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Make Something Sweet for Your Sweetheart!

Make Something Sweet for Your Sweetheart!

These yummy ingredients blend together to make ecstasy for your mouth!
Today on #SaturdaySnackdown, Erin Riley-Carrasco, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 is making a delicious #Peta recipe: “Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse” with organic silken tofu, chopped peanuts, ”Enjoy Life” vegan dark chocolate chips and “Tru Whip” vegan whipped cream!
Check out how creamy this dessert is! Yum!
Erin says you can use so many items that you may already have at home to make this decadent vegan dessert! The main ingredient is tofu. Erin recommends using the silken variety so it gets soft and smooth. She puts all of the ingredients into her blender. Once you blend it all together, your dessert is practically done. Erin tops her mousse with vegan whip cream, peanuts, and vegan chocolate chips. Make an impressive dessert in a jiffy for Valentine’s Day or any day with Erin’s recipe below!
Treat your sweetheart with this yummy dessert.
Erin definitely looks ready for her sweetheart Allen Carrasco!


Erin Riley-Carrasco reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
Video work by Erin’s husband, Allen Carrasco.
Photos courtesy of Erin Riley-Carrasco.


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