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Stop Clowning Around: A Law to End Wild Animals In Circuses!

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Stop Clowning Around: A Law to End Wild Animals In Circuses!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at a celebrity-packed news conference to ban wild and exotic animals in circuses or acts traveling through California! The Circus Cruelty Prevention Act has just been introduced by State Senator Ben Hueso of Chula Vista, California, and sponsored by Social Compassion In Legislation and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)! Hollywood stars Joaquin Phoenix, Lucy Davis & Gianna SimonePABLO AZAR and Ignacio Serricchio joined famed attorney Lisa BloomJudie MancusoLisa LangeAshley ByrneKatie ClearySimone ReyesCommissioner Roger Wolfson of LA Animal Services RawvanaErin Riley-Carrasco, and other prominent animal lovers to say #EndCircusCrueltyCirque du Soleil proves cruelty is not necessary for a grand circus show! Jane Velez-Mitchell & Patrizia Mari Barretto report.


This measure recognizes both the animal welfare concerns, and public safety concerns of circuses and other traveling shows that force wild or exotic animals to perform. Wild animals are innately driven to behave as they would in their natural homes—the rich ecosystems in which their species evolved over millennia. When they’re denied any semblance of a natural life, they suffer physically and psychologically.  Wild and exotic animals also pose an inordinate danger to public safety. Those who feel threatened or frightened act on their natural instincts—and when a bear, big cat, or elephant rebels, trainers can’t always protect themselves or the public. Dangerous interactions with captive wild and exotic animals have resulted in dozens of human deaths and catastrophic injuries.
State Senator Ben Hueso, 40th Senate District
Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz of the Fifth District
Joaquin Phoenix, actor
Alicia Silverstone, actress
Gianna Simone, actress
Lisa Bloom, attorney
Roger Wolfson, L.A. Animal Services Commissioner
Lucy Davis, actress
Lisa Lange, PETA (bill sponsor)
Judie Mancuso, Social Compassion in Legislation (bill sponsor)
Daniella Monet, actress
Holly Marie Combs, actress
Pablo Azar, actor
Kristin Bauer, actress
Ignacio Serricchio, actor
Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza Ayres, Instagram influencer
Marco Antonio Regil, television personality
Katie Cleary of World Animal News speaks in favor of the bill Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


JaneUnChained was LIVE for the whole news conference Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


Lisa Lange of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spoke about why PETA is one of the sponsors of the bill, along with Social Compassion in Legislation Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


A ton of mainstream news media showed up at the news conference Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


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Judie Mancuso of SCIL stands before State Senator Ben Hueso and L.A. City Counsel Member Paul Koretz to launch the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act legislation Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


Jane Velez-Mitchell blows a kiss to Joaquin Phoenix to thank him for all he does for animals Photo by: Patrizia Barretto


Katie Cleary has been at the forefront of fighting for wild animals Photo By: Andreas Knuttel of Dynamic Eye Studios

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