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There’s A New Deli In Town!

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There’s A New Deli In Town!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at New Deli, the amazing all vegan hotspot, casual restaurant/hipster bodega in Venice, California on Pacific and 26th, just a block and a half from the beach! You gotta check it out! The food is sooooo good and… you can have everything vegan here, from sunscreen to shampoo, from vegan ice cream to vegan mayo! Today’s taste tester is actor Kenziah Rubens, who is a huge fan of upcoming VegFest Los Angeles, coming up May 5th! Be there!



One of my favorite things about New Deli (besides the awesome food) is the large back patio they have which welcomes dogs of all sizes.  Here is a photo of my dogs enjoying the outdoors at New Deli.


Cabo and Foxy enjoying the outdoors at New Deli in Venice Beach, Ca.



New Deli back patio.


Then there is the indoor store which has all things vegan. Anything from body care products to convenient foods like snacks, beer, wine, cheeses, frozen foods, fresh foods, you name it!  They’ve got it…pretty much.


Interior of New Deli


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But let’s talk about their made to order food…so delicious.  Check this out:


Kenziah Rubens showing off his eggless egg sandwich.


The New Deli eggless egg sandwich.


Check out that chocolate croissant! So gooood!


Jane Velez-Mitchell after a delicious lunch at New Deli, walking her dogs (or rather, pushing them).
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