Life is better at Kalish!

#LIVE #LunchbreakLive in CHICAGO! Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano dives deep into yummy meals at Kāl’ish with Andrew Kalish, Gina Kalish and special guest Sandi Swiss of Celebrate Vegan Chicago.



Life is better at Kalish-Vegan in Chicago!  Owner/Creator Gina Kalish says, “I selfishly wanted a place where I could eat.” Boom! Kalish was born with the help of hubby Andy Kalish who works to bring Gina’s visions, intentions, and recipes to life.

True to their nature, Andy and Gina don’t just care about animals and the planet.  They care about the community, as well.

The two state that they have seen the Uptown community in Chicago turn for the better with the arrival of our business and other businesses in the neighborhood and that they feel good about that. Andy adds, “No less than 80% of our customers are omnivores. So, we are reaching the customers that we want to reach.”  It’s no wonder that Kalish has become a mainstay in the area.

But it’s not just a neighborhood joint.  People drive in from the suburbs (no small feat because Chicago traffic is awful) for the Big Messy Breakfast Sandwich made with JUST Eggs, special cheese, and their ‘Bad ADZ Bacon.’ Awesome Vegans Podcast Host and #JaneUnchained Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano gets what all the fuss is about.  “I could eat that every day,” Elysabeth confirms.  “Although, it would have to be after I down a Carmel-Peanut Butter Cupcake as big as a softball.”

Dessert might just be a bigger draw than the savory items like: The Clucker Crisp, Kung Foo Noodles and Grilled Sesame-Soy Steak, General Clucker’s Orange Chicken and Broccoli, Winter Detox Bowl, Bad ADZ Cheeseburger, Mayan Fishless Tacos and more.  Special guest Sandi Swiss, co-founder of Celebrate Vegan Chicago and also a baker, agrees.  When talking about this Chicago edition of #Lunchbreak live at Kalish, Sandi hits the nail on the head. “The whole thing was super cool.”

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On your next trip to Chicago be sure to visit Kalish in Uptown and save room for dessert!


Check out this amazing vegan grub from Kalish!


And did I mention the bundt cake? OMG!


Kalish has a variety of amazing vegan desserts to choose from!
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