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Oompa Vegan Lumpia Rolls!

Oompa Vegan Lumpia Rolls!

Lee poses with the ingredients he uses to veganize this traditional recipe!
LunchBreakLIVE stars Lee, also known as @369lovegan on Instagram, as he makes authentic Filipino Lumpias, savory spring rolls originally created in China, now found in Indonesia and the Philippines. Learn how to make them yourself!  Join the plant-based adventure!
We’re going to need more than one order!
Lee has been vegan for four and a half years. He watched the documentary Earthlings, and that made him start his transition on the spot. Now he is an incredible activist who is in it to win it for the animals. Lee attends vigils, protests, marches, conferences, and many other animal rights activism events. Lee is very generous with his cooking and he brings his lumpias often to feed activists at events. He says he is humbled every time he goes to a vigil, as he gives animals a final few moments of love before they enter the slaughterhouse. The reason behind his Instagram name @369lovegan  is he is giving the planet love by being vegan more than 365 days a year. One way he shows his love is by using his artistic skills to draw signs for activists to use at events. You can order your custom sign by contacting him on Instagram.
Lee shows off the finished rolls. Yum!
Lee makes these lumpias like a pro! He chops up the vegetables and Gardein Chick’n Strips with ease. Then, Lee shows us his secret for grinding up tofu. He uses a fork! He fries the chopped ingredients in his authentic wok from the Philippines. After they are ready, Lee wraps them in egg-free spring roll papers and fries them in a flash. Jane tries one and says they are the best thing she’s ever had besides dessert! Jane literally starts hitting herself because they are so good! Try making your own lumpias at home with Lee’s recipe below! Make sure to keep an eye out for his new vegan Filipino food pop up called “Salamat Vegan!”
Jane had to get a pic with Lee and her new favorite non-dessert dish!


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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for #JaneUnChained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell and Lee.


Lee’s Veganized Lumpias:
  • chop up garlic and let simmer in a wok with oil
  • chop up an onion and add to the wok
  • Add one carton of crumbled, extra firm tofu and one bag of Gardein meatless chicken strips, finely chopped 
  • stir
  • Add seasonings (soy sauce, vegan oyster sauce, salt, pepper, etc), let simmer
  • chop celery and add to the pan, let simmer
  • chop cabbage, add to the pan, let simmer for a quick minute or 2 (up to you, time-wise)
  • Mix all together with two spoons 
  • shut off stove
  • separate eggless wrappers (beforehand is best for a smoother process)
  • fill wrappers to your liking (bigger or smaller, up to you)
  • Fold carefully on the diagonal and then on either side
  • Seal the rolled edge with water so it holds
  • have a pot or pan ready with hot oil to fry
  • tan both sides using a tong
  • set the rolls in a tray, let cool off a little
  • enjoy them into nirvana ha!
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