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Veestro Brings Gourmet Vegan to Your Door!

Veestro Brings Gourmet Vegan to Your Door!

They have a huge variety of all plant-based choices!

Check out this LunchBreakLIVE as we taste test the 100% plant-based, gourmet dishes created by sibling owned Veestro meal delivery service. Savory and satisfying, just an order away from your door, shipping 75-thousand plant-based meals every month, all over the United States! Co-founders Monica Klausner and her brother Mark Fachler explain how they created this extraordinary service! There’s several dietary options: weight loss, high protein, gluten-free! You choose! To top it off, all of their packaging is sustainable using no plastic! Click here to get 30% off!  


It’s hard to believe this enchilada casserole is gluten-free!

The brother and sister team started their business when Mark missed the wholesome food from they ate in Costa Rica where they are from. There wasn’t anything like it in the United States so he consulted his sister and they decided to make it. They also decided to make all of their meals plant-based to make it easy for people to eat more meals without animal products. They make sure the food they deliver is delicious, sustainable, and made from the highest quality ingredients!

Pasta Bolognese that pre-vegans can’t believe is meatless!

No time or desire to cook? No problem! Veestro will send your meals to you! Monica explains make all their meals fresh without preservatives. Then they flash freeze them to maintain freshness and ship it out to hungry customers. Jane tries the enchilada casserole, red curry, and pasta Bolognese and can’t stop eating them, they are so delicious! Try Veestro’s 55 fishes at home or give it as the perfect gift to someone else by visiting their website!

Veestro is constantly adding exciting new dishes like this Carrot Osso Bucco!

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Order your ready-to-eat meals Veestro’s website!

Veestro’s creamy red curry and brown rice.
Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.



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