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Soldiers Try Impossible Whoppers!

Soldiers Try Impossible Whoppers!

Sergeant First Class McQuade is proud to share plant-based options with the troops!

We’re Live for JaneUnChained at Fort Irwin, California where the military is going vegan for the day! Sergeant First Class George McQuade, a veteran who went vegan while serving in Iraq, received donations to serve the brand new plant-based Burger King Impossible Whopper burgers to soldiers who are there in the desert for training exercises. Generous donations were provided by Joel Kerr of Indiana Animal Rights Alliance, Advancing Law for Animals, James M. Zito formerly of the U.S. Army, Liz Ferree, and Trish Jones. Let’s see how the soldiers like their first taste of this plant-based deliciousness! We’re joined by military veteran Bill Muir aka Sergeant Vegan, author of Vegan Strong, who remained vegan while serving in Afghanistan! Vanessa Marsot of Ellora Wellness reporting from the Mojave Desert in California.

Behold the plant-based deliciousness!

Sergeant First Class McQuade lines up the troops in formation to try the Impossible Whoppers. Sergeant Vegan explains that the plant-based option is available at all of the Burger Kings nationwide! The first in line, Private Arias, says that the burger is delicious and he would eat it instead of a burger made from animals! One vegetarian troop, Private Burgos, also gives the burger a solid thumbs up. Probably the most fun taste test was by the commander of the unit, Okoh, with his dancing taste test! He says it’s like “I can’t believe it’s not butter” except in this case it’s “I can’t believe it’s not beef!”

Even the biggest skeptics loved the way these plant-based burgers tasted.

The soldiers are curious about veganism. Hopefully, this Impossible Burger patty showed this unit how amazing plant-based eating can be. They can have all of the taste without the cruelty, preserve their health, and do their part save the planet. Specialist Baltazar said she was in tears yesterday because “our planet is disintegrating.” The Amazon Rainforest is still burning at an alarming rate due to animal agriculture and climate change. Saving our planet is the most important mission of all! Sergeant First Class McQuade explains that “if we don’t take action now, we won’t have a planet.” Thank you all for trying The Impossible Whopper and for serving our country!

Eating plant-based meat makes your spirits fly high while “dabbing!”

Check out Sergeant Vegan’s website!

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Vanessa Marsot reporting Live for JaneUnChained.

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Marsot.

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Everybody feels like a king with the Impossible Whopper!
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