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Plant Food + Wine And The Importance Of “Ahimsa”

Plant Food + Wine And The Importance Of “Ahimsa”

#LunchBreakLIVE at the amazing Plant Food + Wine, eating a spectacular raw-licious lunch with Dolly Vyas-Ahuja, producer of The Land of Ahimsa Documentary! We are also joined by film director, Aryeman Ramsay and vegan activist/videographer Ces! We are enjoying a delicious meal at the health-conscious, plant-based, seasonally crafted menu from PLANT FOOD + WINE on Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, California! It’s a must-visit!



Here is a little more about Plant Food + Wine and Mathew Kenney Cuisine taken from their website:

“Matthew Kenney Cuisine is an integrated, California-based lifestyle company.  The brand provides innovative, high quality products and services in the culinary art and wellness markets through its six business segments: hospitality, education, media, products, wellness and services. We currently operate in more than 10 major cities internationally.  

The foundation of our work is based on proprietary techniques and creative thinking applied to prepare minimally processed, plant-based cuisine that is both refined and healthful. When it comes to what we eat, we see things differently than others. Aligned with a world rapidly embracing the need for a healthier diet and an increase in plant-based food consumption, we are crafting the future of food.”

“PFW proposes a beautiful selection of locally sourced fare in a seasonally crafted menu, enriched by an extensive wine list of organic and biodynamic varietals. Designed as a communal gathering place, Plant Food + Wine offers a unique experience around delicious, health-conscious food.”


The food at Plant Food + Wine is almost too pretty to eat…almost.


Check out this beautiful cheese plate.


Have you ever seen food more beautifully prepared?


Everything on the menu is gorgeous and so delicious and guilt-free!


Layers of delicious healthy foods!


Avocado toast like you’ve never had before!


The outside of Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach, Ca.


The outside of Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach, Ca.


We also had the honor of having Dolly Vyas-Ahuja on #LIVETALK with JaneUnChained where she spoke about her documentary called The Land of Ahimsa.  Dolly Vyas-Ahuja’s grandfather marched with Gandhi in India. Now, Dolly – who hails from Texas – has gone back to India to fight for the freedom of animals tortured for dairy. While India has a strong vegetarian tradition, it is also a huge consumer of dairy. Dolly is making a documentary about her effort to convince the people of India that stealing the breast milk of cows, and ripping away their babies in the process, is not in alignment with the values of their faith and their culture. Her documentary is called: The Land of Ahimsa! For more:

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” Mahatma Gandhi



The Land of Ahimsa is a feature-length documentary that follows Dolly Vyas-Ahuja on her journey to veganism. Dolly narrates and produces the film, alongside Bollywood actor Aryeman, who directs. “The Land of Ahimsa” will strive to inspire and encourage the people of India to adopt a vegan way of life by showing them how easy it is. Indians are waking up to the truth that all animals are intelligent species and deserve a chance to live.

Veganism is steadily growing all around the world as countries are recognizing the impact on climate and health. India must rise up and position itself as a leading country in the plant-based movement as well as put into practice “Ahimsa” which means non-violence to all living beings.

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Throughout the film, we interview plant-based doctors, athletes, Animal Activists, entrepreneurs, and visit sanctuaries to illustrate the importance of “Ahimsa” in action in India with the hope this will resonate across the globe. We demonstrate how by rising to the true meaning of the word, we are able to create a non-violent world which will relieve the suffering of all living beings, improve our health and wellness, and allow us to live in a clean environment.

The film follows Dolly as she returns to her homeland after having discovered the power of “Ahimsa” through her transition to a vegan lifestyle. She relates her experience to that of her grandfather, who was a Freedom fighter who marched alongside Gandhi to liberate India from British rule.  Similarly, the film shows her strength in fighting for justice of all beings through the Animal Liberation March. She uses her own voice to expose the truth about the cruelty of the dairy industry by educating others through her presentations at various events throughout India and the US. We will show viewers how accessible it is to put “Ahimsa” into their daily lives.

After watching the film, we hope viewers will feel motivated to choose peace over violence and fight against injustices. Additionally, we hope to inspire viewers to seek the truth and challenge industries and corporations that make money from lying and deceiving consumers and profit from killing sentient beings.”


Aryeman Ramsay, Director

“Aryeman Ramsay, known as Aryeman is an Indian actor who has appeared in Bollywood films. He is the son of the famous producer Keshu Ramsay and is a social activist. Aryeman made his Bollywood debut in “Family Ties of Blood” and was nominated for a Filmfare best male debut award for his exceptional performance. He followed this with acclaimed performances in films such as “Good Luck” and “Ek Aadat”. Aryeman transitioned to directing with his action-based thriller starring Maniesh Paul and Ravi Kishan. For his role, he received superb reviews from critics. His film “The Untold 2006 Varanasi” was awarded best direction at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi India and the film has been submitted for the Toronto Film Festival.”


Dolly Vyas-Ahuja, Producer

“Dolly Vyas-Ahuja is an Ahimsa animal activist and a voice for the voiceless. Her mission is to spread awareness and education about the cruelty of the Dairy Industry. She comes from a Gandhian family and is the granddaughter of a Freedom Fighter for social justice in India. One of her main objectives is to have Indian temples pledge to be cruelty-free and ban the use of dairy products. She also frequently speaks at Jain temples and various vegan events to stress the importance of switching to a plant-based diet for animals, the environment, and human health. She was honored to speak at the World Vegan Conference in New Delhi, India.  Her goal is to create a world where everyone lives their essential nature of practicing compassion. She hopes the film will inspire those to incorporate pure Ahimsa into their daily lives.”


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