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Guacamole in a Hurry? No Worries!

Guacamole in a Hurry? No Worries!

Lindsey Baker hosts LunchBreakLIVE and shares her secret guacamole recipe for a viewer participation taste test comparison of the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat Burger. This is a quick, simple to prepare, healthy meal, that comes with air-fried fries on the side! Lisa Karlan is on camera and demos on how to prepare the air fryer fries.

Lindsey shows us how many new vegan products are available nowadays with these ingredients!
Need to whip up some guacamole in a hurry? No worries! Lindsey has you covered with her secret and now not so secret quick guacamole recipe! Lindsey starts by whipping up her special guacamole recipe in a flash. She takes nice ripe fresh avocados cuts them open, hollows the fruit from the peel, and smashes them with a whisk. What a great technique! Then, Lindsey adds vine-ripened tomatoes, chopped red onion, pepper, lime juice, and garlic salt to the mix. Once it’s all smashed to your desired consistency, you have quck tasty guacamole! Olé!
Want fresh guacamole in minutes? Lindsey has you covered with her special recipe!
Without skipping a beat, Lindsey starts up the fire for the plant-based burger comparison! She shapes the patties from each brand until they are nice round flat circles, and puts them in the pan with a tiny bit of oil. Her tip is to only use a little bit of oil because there is already oil in the burger patties. Lindsey also adds a few sliced mushrooms for another added kick of savory flavor. After they are done browning, you can definitely tell the difference between the appearance of the two products. But what will be the verdict? Lindsay loves them both but says the Impossible burger patty tastes more like real meat to her. Lisa says she also likes them both but if she had to choose she would go with the Beyond Meat burger for overall flavor. They both agree that that the air fryer French fries Lisa prepared are delicious and easy to make in minutes with that device! Try making it all at home, and don’t forget to top it with Lindsey’s special guac!
Lindsey sure knows her way around her big beautiful vegan kitchen!


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Photos courtesy of Lindsey Baker.


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Lindsey Bakerʼs Quick Guacamole Recipe:

6-8 small ripened avocados
2-3 small tomatoes chopped (preferably vine-ripened tomatoes)
1/3 cup of red onion freshly chopped
1 lime
Garlic Salt
Ground Black Pepper

In a large bowl, place the peeled and hollowed out avocado meat into the bowl. Use a potato masher or a large fork to mash the avocado it should remain slightly chunky.  Chop up the tomatoes in very small squares and add to the avocado mix. Add 1 cup of chopped fresh red onion. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, the juice of one lime (or less to taste) and Garlic Salt approximately 1/2 teaspoon or more to taste.

Serve cold with tortilla chips or spread on your favorite plant-based burger.
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