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There is Nothing F.A.K.E. About This Movement!

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There is Nothing F.A.K.E. About This Movement!

Arsayo backpacks are the epitome of sophisticated style and they come in a huge variety of colors and unique materials!

JaneUnchained Live in Hollywood, California at The Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment (F.A.KE.) Movement Holiday Extravaganza! Meet the designers, get a vegan makeover by Johnny Concert, hair by Komorebi, and a free professional photoshoot! Featured speakers today include Vanessa Marsot of Ellora Wellness & Eder Lopez of Animal Alliance Network. Are you a FAKER? Someone who wants to make a change, respects animals, the environment and human rights. This event is also occurring in Paris as well as TelAviv!

Animal rights activists, Eder Lopez, Marsot, and Jacqueline Galvez, are never afraid to speak up for the animals!
There is absolutely nothing fake about what these amazing activists are doing here today! From panels featuring predominant animal rights activists like Eder Lopez, Marsot, and Jacqueline Galvez, to 100% vegan shopping, this conference was full of cruelty-free fun! At the heart of it all is Jonathan Ohayan and his wife Suc Ely. F.A.K.E. is putting the spotlight on compassionate brands like their brand that started it all, Arsayo, which offers backpacks and accessories. Their sleek contemporary anti-theft backpack design has even won awards overseas! Now they aim to shake up the fashion world by revolutionizing it towards the production of sustainable cruelty-free brands. Vanessa Marsot explains that even the cork material in their new line of backpacks is sustainable and actually helps keep the trees healthy when it is harvested! Support The F.A.K.E Movement and the future of fashion by following them and attending their future events! Show the world that compassion will always be in fashion!
Sarah hopped into a picture with Eder Lopez, who gave an inspirational speech about how he incorporates activism in his everyday life!


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Happy vegan activist wearing a GO VEGAN shirt.

There were many amazing fashion brands with cruelty-free sustainable wear!

Sarah Segal reports for JaneUnchainedNews

Photos courtesy of Sarah Segal and Cesar Asebedo.

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Johnny Concert makeup gave free makeovers with their vibrant cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand.
Guatemalan beauty queen, Suc Ely, showed everyone how to pose like a pro!
Gwenna Hunter held it down for Vegan Outreach inviting attendees to sample popular vegan brands!
The Vegan Flag dress worn to the Grammys is a permanent installation in the F.A.K.E museum!
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