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Activists March in a Memorial for Dead Horses in Santa Monica

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Activists March in a Memorial for Dead Horses in Santa Monica

This group of dedicated activists spent their Sunday raising awareness for the horses who lost their lives for the entertainment of humans.

JaneUnchained News correspondent Sarah Segal is at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. A funeral procession ensues with bagpipes playing to honor the horses who have lost their lives to horseracing. It’s a somber mood as activists mourn the deaths of 19 horses who have died since the beginning of 2020. Heather Anahita and Amanda Lunn represent Horseracing Wrongs are the organizers.

Activists marched through this busy shopping center as people passed by watching them and seeing their signs.
Heather explains that there has been an average of 2 deaths per week after the opening of the race tracks. This is too much. Recently, she and a few other activists from the groups went to Sacramento to a Horse Racing Board meeting they tried to relocate to avoid the activists. Heather explains that they will follow wherever they go to make sure to be a voice for these horses. What is needed is a public uproar about the all too frequent deaths of these horses so that the California Constitution will be amended to ban the horseracing. Contact your local representatives below to let them know you want horseracing banned where you live. You have the power to be their voice!
The facial expressions of these activists convey the sadness over the unnecessary loss of these horses’ lives.
Several activists came together at this busy shopping center to mourn the unnecessary loss of these racehorses. It was quite a spectacle as the procession, dressed in all black, moved through the area with vivid photographs of the horses including names and the dates of their deaths. The activists hope that people will see what happened to these unfortunate beings and realize that they should not be used for sport. Until the day that they are not forced to race for entertainment, these activists will continue to take a stand for them even as they fall to their untimely deaths in their stalls on the tracks.
Lead organizer, Heather Anahita, holds a headstone for one of the many horses that died in the past 2 years.


The horse racetracks are invited on to respond at any time.

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Sarah Segal reports JaneUnchained News Network
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