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Viva Vegan + Three Lovely Ladies!

Viva Vegan + Three Lovely Ladies!

#LunchbreakLIVE at Viva Vegan, a new vegan restaurant in Santa Monica on Wilshire! For you longtime vegans, it used to be The Golden Mean and its got the same menu but a total makeover! We are joined in this light space by The Superfood Goddess & Christina Riordan, a model, nutritionist and health goddess! We’re trying the Eggless Eggs Florentine and two healthy, Fabo salads!



Form the Viva Vegan website:


“Viva Vegan uses local, natural and organic ingredients to create our menu. Our café proudly represents care for our environment in everything from the reclaimed wood tables to our recycled & compostable take-out containers.

Our diverse menu is created with organic, natural ingredients that balance the whole body.

Our incredibly delicious vegan and wheat-free pastries and cakes are baked fresh each morning by our team of talented chefs.

Our smoothies, juices, and elixirs are made fresh from organic ingredients, each with a unique focus on whole body health.”


I’ve been here many times, and I must say they have some of the best vegan desserts in Los Angeles!  

Let’s check out some of the amazing food Jane and the crew enjoyed during #LunchBreakLIVE.

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An array of deliciousness!


This salad almost looks too pretty to eat!


And more great salads!


Who says vegans can’t eat eggs? Vegan eggs are WAY better!


Christina, Jane, and the Super Food Goddess.
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