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Joaquin Phoenix is Featured in LA Animal Save Billboard Campaign!

The billboard hovers over the slaughterhouse activists attend vigils to bear witness to the victims of animal agriculture, baby pigs.

Even though vigils have been canceled due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the movement must go on! It’s out there on display stronger than ever in this new print ad campaign launched by The Animal Save Movement groups, Los Angeles Animal Save and Animal Alliance Network! They are so proud to have been able to make this dream campaign with their amazing advertising firm and ally, 10K Advertising. The firm even produced the professional graphics by designer Rob Costello for at no charge and gave the groups a free bonus billboard!

The truth about who is bacon is powerfully conveyed in this photo.

The images on the Los Angeles Animal Save billboard featuring Joaquin are masterfully captured by Animal Save Movement photographer Robert (Bobby) Sud. This billboard evokes emotion as Joaquin peers into the truck with a baby pig sitting innocently looking back to us on the other side. The caption reads “SAVE ANIMALS, GO VEGAN.” Nothing could be more true. Bobby also took the photo for the bench featuring a chicken at the vigils he organizes for Los Angeles Animal Save outside of a chicken slaughterhouse. Sarah and Darren Hendry of the Hendrys Event Photography also lent their talents int the form of a powerfully captured image of a pig on one of the trucks they bore witness to, which is featured on the bench for Animal Alliance Network. That particular bench asks the viewer to see the “TRUTH BEHIND BACON” in the eyes of this unfortunate creature. Hopefully, these thought-provoking images will help people open their eyes to the fact these beings only had the misfortune of being born into a society that has collectively failed to see the error of their ways by consuming them.

Bobby masterfully captured the despair of this poor creature.
The purpose of the campaign is to open eyes, minds, and hopefully hearts to the truth behind animal agriculture that most people may have never seen. The consumption of animals is already taking its toll on our environment and our health. Now people who are inadvertently paying for cruelty to animals and the degradation of our environment have the opportunity to presented for them to change on several advertisements in the Los Angeles area. One of which is a billboard right in front of the slaughterhouse that the two groups have been bearing witness to baby pigs entering for years. Now activists can share these billboards on their social media and with anyone they can without ever having to steps outside. The billboards will be there as long as possible but they will be immortalized through the posts of the people who share them on their social media!
People passing by on Sunset Blvd. are sure to see this amazing billboard!
Check them out if you drive by the area on an errand. Please follow the quarantine protocol and do not gather in large groups or put yourself in close proximity to others. You can be a part of this campaign by sharing this article post on your social media and visiting the nonprofits’ pages below to share their posts on your page. Please tag both pages. These billboards are proof that we can still be active across several different media platforms despite the current COVID-19 health crisis we are facing, which most research is concluding stemmed from people unnecessarily eating animals. One day this campaign and several others like it will undoubtedly open the hearts of many by leading them to compassionate lifestyle choices that can save animals consumed by our species and save our future on this planet.
Hopefully, the truth about the victims with resonate with people when they see these, and they will choose not to participate in their suffering.


Reach out to 10K Advertising and their nonprofit ad page Campaigns 4 to see more of the amazing ads they’ve done!

Article photos from 10K Advertising, Bobby Sud, and The Hendrys.
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