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Plant-Based Asian Inspired Recipes That Will Rock Your World

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Plant-Based Asian Inspired Recipes That Will Rock Your World

Seyka Mejeur and Brian Mejeur of For Goodness Seyks join #LunchBreakLIVE and show us how to cook up an amazing Asian inspired vegan meal!  They make some sushi, kid-friendly lunches, Thai lettuce wraps, and an extra-special dessert!  This is an episode you definitely do not want to miss!



Seyka is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with her feet in two worlds: plant-based lifestyle, wellness and living an empowered life… as well as professional headhunting and people operations. 

Seyka and her husband Brian have just completed a 21 Country Vegan Voyage where they traveled around the globe, made incredible friends, took adventures as they came, interviewed top chefs, enjoyed cuisine from around the globe, reduced barriers to a vegan cruelty-free lifestyle, and blogged about how easy and fun it can be to be vegan!

“Our goal is to change the world, for the sake of goodness. We want to make vegan, healthy and ethical options easier for people to understand and integrate into their lives. We are energetic, fun, kind, professionals who know how to bring wholehearted connection to the business side of life.”

Seyka is a long time animal lover, an indoor cycle instructor, 15-year yogi, runner, a home chef, a researcher and a published author of academic literature. You can find her publications in the International Journal of Stress Management and Psychology Today.

Brian and Seyka co-own an Aerospace Headhunting and People Operations Consulting company AdAstra where they use their professional talents in a fast-paced and high tech industry. They offer people operations and headhunting support to organizations in the environmental, animal welfare, and vegan spaces through For Goodness Seyks.  Be sure to check them out.  They are a couple of pretty damn amazing humans.


Brian and Seyka
Brian and Seyka.


Seyka LunchBreakLIVE
Seyka showing off her sweetness.


Now let’s check out some of the amazing Asian inspired food this duo cooked up for us today.  Vegan sushi is a favorite of mine, so I am certainly excited to try this recipe at home.  I have never made sushi before, so I think it’s about time I give it a shot.  If Seyka can do it, I can do it (ha who am I kidding I am terrible in the kitchen ? )


Sauces LunchBreakLIVE
Some of the sauce magic used on the Asian food that was made.


vegan sushi
Some vegan sushi that was made.


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Seyka enjoying vegan sushi
Seyka enjoying her vegan sushi.


For all the sauce and vegan sushi recipes from this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE, please click HERE.

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