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Turn Water Into Vegan Superfood!

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Turn Water Into Vegan Superfood!

Upgrade routine with RDCL

Upgrade Your Water into Vegan Superfood!

We all need to drink water, yet Americans are not drinking enough. Unfortunately, water often can’t compete with highly carbonated, sugary or artificially sweetened drinks. Yet, water, not sugar or chemicals, is what we really need.  So, how do we make water more appealing without making it unhealthy? Enter RDCL Superfoods! This product is taking water to the next level. The secret? Superfood plant ingredients!

“We’re a passionate group that champions and promotes the health, ethical, and ecological benefits of plant-based nutrition. In an era when too many of us don’t maintain healthy habits, it’s time to leverage the power of plants to push the envelope and radically revolutionize the path to well-being.” -RDCL

With a mere scoop of powder, RDCL turns ordinary water into super-water that’s designed to boost your immunity and energy. With flavors like passionfruit and dragon fruit, it’s healthy and delicious. RDCL’s immunity-boosting ingredients include:  zinc, vitamin C from acerola berry, vitamin D3 and other antioxidants. It’s energizing ingredients include:  L-theanine from green tea, rhodiola, and caffeine from guarana.

Jane Velez-Mitchell discusses this new product with RDCL co-founder, Donny Makower. Go to rdclsuperfoods.com and use Promo Code Jane25 for 25% off.

The Power of Plants

Vegans have long known about the power of plant foods. Now, “superfoods” are popping up in the mainstream, and the vast majority are made from plants.

Upgrade routine w RDCL
Harness the power of plants and upgrade your routine!

As reported by CNBC, “Consumers are increasingly looking for healthful nutrients from foods rather than from supplements,” says Bob Jones, a principal at Scientia Advisors. Consumers are seeking natural, whole-food nutrients in a move away from processed food. Plants prove again and again to be the best path to health!

“Your immune system is continuously working to keep you healthy. Now, more than ever before, it’s essential to have strong immunity. Your body is fighting every day against germs, microorganisms, viruses, toxins and various foreign substances.” -RDCL

Get Ready for RDCL Cocoa!

Makower revealed the next product planned: super cocoa! The superfood hot chocolate packs 6 grams of pea protein, and only 1g of sugar from the naturally occurring ingredients. RDCL works with a scientific advisory board complete with doctors who oversee the ingredients.

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Boost the Vegonomy

Supporting vegan entrepreneurs and businesses also energizes the fast-growing,  global, veganomy, which is an economic community that functions without exploiting and killing animals for food, clothing or entertainment! And when the situation is as dire as it is right now (you know, with the COVID-19 pandemic and impending climate doom), the Vegonomy can use all the help it can get.

support vegonomy
Use our consumer power for advocacy!

In the midst of this pandemic, Makower explains how important it is to make people aware of why we’re in this position. “We want people to realize the situation we’re in is actually inherently linked to this topic. It’s a zoonotic disease. When we’re exploiting animals, we perpetuate opportunities for things like COVID to hit society and turn into a pandemic.”

We can use our consumer power to advocate for animals, and support the humans working behind the scenes who make it easier than ever to harness plant-based magic!

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