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UnchainedTV’s 2022 Holiday Vegan Gift Guide

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UnchainedTV’s 2022 Holiday Vegan Gift Guide

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9 planet-friendly vegan gifts for everyone on your list!

Indianapolis, Indiana December 12th, 6:45 pm – The holidays are just around the corner, and as you show love to your families and friends, our vegan gift guide can help you show them how good it feels to take care of the planet too.

UnHide vegan, faux fur blanket.
UnHide’s vegan, faux fur blanket.

100% Cruelty-Free Fur Blanket

Unhide’s vegan fur blankets are as eco-friendly as they are cozy.  Their mission is to create some of the most sustainable home products on the market, even down to their recyclable packaging.  I want to live inside of their Marshmallow blanket.



Vegan shoes made of recycled materials
Image from Thousand Fell’s Instagram account

Zero Waste Sneakers (that actually look cool!)

Give a vegan gift they’ll actually want to wear.  Called the “first recyclable sneaker,” Thousand Fell uses coconut husks, sugar cane, and plastic bottles to make vegan leather kicks that will make your family look way cooler than they actually are.


Vegan Meal Kit

Purple Carrot Meal Kit
Image from Purple Carrot’s website.

No vegan gift guide is complete without vegan food, which can be as delicious as it is good for animals and the planet.  Your family and friends may not believe that, but you can prove it to them with a Purple Carrot meal kit.  According to Purple Carrot, their meal kits are 100% vegan, use 51% less water, and cause 72% less carbon to be released into the atmosphere than a typical American meal.  Plus, the food is incredibly tasty.



Youth to the People vegan skincare
Image from Youth to the People’s Instagram.

Cruelty-Free, Vegan Skincare


It’s hard to find quality skincare products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and committed to sustainability.  Youth to the People checks all those boxes by creating award-winning products that are kind to animals and to the earth.  Check out their kits and bundles for easy gifting.




100% Recycled Notebook

Decomposition notebook
Image from Decomposition’s website.



For the writer in your life, get them the environmentally friendly (and cleverly named) version of those old composition notebooks we used to dread writing in.  Decomposition notebooks use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy ink, plus their covers are beautiful and quirky, including one called Pear Bears depicting carefully drawn bears happily eating pears.  Who wouldn’t be inspired to write after seeing that?


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primate breeding center group macaques © Jo-Anne McArthur We Animals Media

Adopted Stuffed Animal

Adoption plush Image from World Wildlife Fund's website.
Image from World Wildlife Fund’s website.

Okay, yes, kids have too many stuffed animals, but they love getting them and these are for a good cause.  Instead of just buying a cute plush elephant, symbolically adopt one from World Wildlife Fund.  Also, the species list is incredibly specific.  Where else could you buy a plush blue-footed booby?


Sticky Fingers vegan baked goods
Image from Sticky Finger’s website.

Vegan Holiday Baked Goods

Baked goods are a gateway to veganism.  Hand your skeptical uncle a Sticky Fingers cake pop and he will stop saying that vegan food doesn’t taste good.  Based in DC, Sticky Fingers is an all-vegan bakery that ships all over the country.  Their oatmeal cookie sandwiches (lovingly called cowvins) are out of this world.  For the holidays, give dreidel or snowperson cake pops to everyone you know.


Conscious Step socks
Image from Conscious Step Socks’ website

Socks That Save Dogs

You might not think they’ll be excited to get socks, but what if those cotton socks are actually planting trees, protecting rainforests, and saving dogs?  Also, what if the socks are really cute?  You can choose sea animal prints that send proceeds to cleaning up our oceans, or tiger print socks that make a donation to exotic animal protection organizations.  These are more than socks, they are a way to support the environment that you can also wear on your feet!


Vegan Cactus Leather Wallet
Image from Vegan Leather Company’s website.

Cactus Leather Wallet

The Vegan Leather Company is passionate about changing the world by replacing animal products with sustainable plant products.  They make high-quality wallets, bags, and belts using cactus and pineapple leather, which happen to make excellent vegan gifts.  No sweatshop labor here, they even opened their own production house to make sure all employees are treated well.


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