Vegan Breakfast Recipes

vegan quiche ready to eat
It’s Time For Brunch. Bring On The Vegan Quiche!

VEGAN QUICHE, THE PERFECT DISH FOR BRUNCH Vegans love QUICHE! And you can, too, when you make it egg-free and full of delicious flavors, colors, and textures. Let’s make a vegan quiche with Chef Linda, culinary author, and Director Culinary Arts, Compassionate Cuisine from Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Veggie McMuffin
The Comforting Veggie McMuffin

VEGGIE McMUFFIN, COMFORT FOOD AT ITS FINEST Veggie McMuffin is a thing.  Vegan, comforting, and delicious.  On today’s #LunchBreakLIVE, Karine Charbonneau founder of Find Veg Love, aka Vegan Cupid, shows us how to make this favorite vegan comfort food in a flash.  Everyone needs a cheat day from their perfectly healthy diet, so why not have this scrumptious breakfast sandwich once in a while?

mother's day recipes nacho pancakes
Mother’s Day Recipes We Love

THIS MOTHER’S DAY RECIPE IS SPECIAL! Wake up vegan breakfast pancakes–it’s time to try something new! This is a Mother’s Day recipe mom will love, and I bet she has never had it before!  Turn sweet pancakes into something savory and enjoy them for lunch or dinner.

vegan chickpea frittatas
Vegan Frittata: Popular With All Who Take A Bite!

A VEGAN FRITTATA RECIPE YOU WILL LOVE! A fun & cheesy vegan frittata recipe that is super easy to make! Chef Tracy Childs shows us how to whip up these tasty plant-based, savory, satisfying, egg-free yet still protein-rich frittatas with her chickpeas & greens recipe.

Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast Recipe With A Spicy Twist

Give Me Spice With My Avocado Toast Recipe Who’s tried an Avocado Toast recipe with Olives & Jalapeño? Our guest Chef, Lindsey Baker, shows us how to make her extra special recipe for her guacamole-smothered toast with a twist of spice.  This is the easiest recipe ever, packed with flavor, and a punch.  Avocado Toast is a super popular choice at restaurants….but now you can easily make it at home.   Let’s see how it is done… Lindsey Baker, The Rizzle Influencer Lindsey Baker is a content creator, entertainer, and activist.

vegan fresh power bowl
Power Bowl. Fresh, Nutritious, and Unique!

This Power Bowl Is Not Your Usual Lunch Bowl Sarah Polk, a straight-edge vegan flight attendant foodie, creates a fresh power bowl for us, full of delicious, juicy fruits, and topped with a healthy mixture of plant milk and superfoods, making it almost like a fruit bowl cereal.  This is a unique dish.  Let’s see how it is done…     Sarah Polk.  Powerhouse Vegan.

A Shakshuka Recipe Using White Beans and Tofu

White Bean Shakshuka, Veganized To Perfection Shakshuka is traditionally a Mediterranean dish that consists of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, and onion. It’s something that’s easily veganized using tofu. And that is exactly what has been done on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE with guest Chef Dianne Wenz.  She also adds white beans cause that’s how she rolls!

Vegan Waffles, Crispy On The Outside, Fluffy On The Inside.

These Vegan Waffles Will Make Your Mouth Dance! Vegan Waffles today on  #lunchbreaklive. These are simple to make, delicious, and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. This is one of those recipes that are very difficult to mess up, so I hope you give it a try.

Healthy Dessert? Yes It’s Possible!

Looking for a Good Vegan Healthy Dessert…We Have A Few! Why not have a healthy dessert-like dish for lunch? With these recipes, you get flavorful sweets that are filling & full of the nutrition you need, so why not have dessert for lunch?

vegan waffles and cauliwings
Vegan Waffles + Caulifyah Wings. Kid Approved!

Your Kids Will Love These Vegan Waffles and Caulifyah Wings! Strawberry Vegan Waffles and Caulifyah Wings that any kid will love. This is vegan Soul Food at its best! chefs Tajia and Aaron, owners of Hot Sauce and Pepper, bring a burst of tasty flavors to #LunchBreakLIVE with their incredible kid-friendly recipes.  What kid (and adult) doesn’t love waffles?