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Guggenheim: Have a Heart! Suffering of Animals is Not Art!

Guggenheim: Have a Heart! Suffering of Animals is Not Art!

Outraged New Yorkers are protesting outside the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum urging museum officials to cancel upcoming planned exhibits that glorify dog-fighting and allegedly showcase the abuse of other animals, like reptiles. Critics say this is violence porn, not art. Sign the Change.org petition here: http://bit.ly/2foFk6w to object and make your voice heard. You can also write directly to the museum at: community@guggenheim.org  #JaneUnChained
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This woman on the (LT) is from France.  She literally ripped up her ticket and told the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum why she is so disturbed by this exhibition. Edita Birnkrant (RT) reporting for JaneUnChained in NYC.


This is a copy of the letter being handed out to people entering the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum 

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Here is a baby elephant with mom in the wild, where they belong. Courtesy Voice for Asian Elephants Society.


Here is a beautiful Pit Bull Activist attending the protest

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  • Their working dogs kill stray dogs on the streets. This is why they consider them working dogs, because they brutally kill the stray dogs that could be controlled through spay neuter, but they let people brutally kill, and eat these stray dogs off the streets. China has some serious animal abuse issues, and the Guggenheim promotes it. This is plain, and simple ABUSE.

  • Dog fighting is horrible & should not be encouraged by putting it on exhibit, especially in such a well respected institution, such as the Guggenheim.

  • Disgusting!!! I am Enraged!!! China EATS & Tortures millions of DOGS each year… in no way should these Chinese Artists be considered as Artists!!!!!!!

  • STOP This Barbarism..Their is so many people can Educate you to try get you to understand Animals feel Fear pain All Torture That’s horrifically inflicted unnecessarily Please stop..The world is furious with This Horicfic Barbarism

  • Stupidity never seizes to amaze me this is NOT ART it’s cruelty plain and simple i can not believe a art museum in the grate state of New York allows this… the life of a dog in that world is a life of torture never knowing one moment of kindness . and the bottom line is rather humane or animal pain is pain…whats next raps on display. THIS MUST BE STOPED!!!!!

  • Dear Guggenheim. Animal abusers are 1 step above rapists and 2 steps above pedophiles. How proud you must be.

  • Why on earth would the Guggenheim even consider such a horrific, barbaric, cruel, despicable, unethical, disgusting and cruel act would be considered art and OK? China is know for their outrageous acts of deplorable behaviors toward animals, but just as bad is that the Guggenheim would think this was ok. Would they have continued to support this if people didn’t react?

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