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Clean Meat?? Welcome to the Future of Meat!

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Clean Meat?? Welcome to the Future of Meat!


#JaneUnChained LIVE from Tel Aviv, Israel. Our new correspondent Gad V Hakimi, the Vegan Flag founder and creator, covers a clean meat networking event co-hosted by The Good Food Institute (GFI), The Kitchen foodtech hub and Israel Initiative 2020. Yaron Bogin, the managing director of GFI in Israel, discusses the Israeli clean meat innovation. Could it save the planet?
Reporting LIVE from Tel Aviv, Isreal, Gad V Hakimi for #JaneUnChained, JNN.

Israel is second to the US in clean meat innovations. In 2020, the world human population is expected to have 10 billion people on the planet. And the demand for meat is increasing as the population grows. The Royal Institute for International Affairs has determined that,“shifting global demand away from meat and dairy products is central to achieving climate goals.” Newsflash: “Animal farming is bad for our health,” and our environment! From cancer, diabetes, and heart disease to the antibiotic resistance to bacteria that the consumption of animal flesh causes, the answer is clear, change must happen and it has to happen soon!

GFI is doing just that speeding up their efforts to produce their products and enter into the future of meat production, which will not involve the raising of animals who’s only fate is to be slaughtered. They are working alongside companies like the United-States based company, Memphis Meats, which is invested in by Bill Gates and Richard Branson. They explain clean meat is grown from stem cells collected from an animal sample, therefore they are not killing the animal to collect this sample. Then the sample is grown with liquid nutrients and formed into a piece of clean meat no animal had to die to produce! The creation of meat from a small sample of cells is endless as they split and create more tissue. According to Yaron Bogin, are currently fourteen companies developing clean meat worldwide and three are in Israel! The future is coming but clean meat is controversial…

People are usually hesitant to change, especially radical change. There are questions of health and cruelty that have arisen regarding clean meat production. But clean meat could be helpful to transition people to a cruelty-free sustainable diet and hopefully a completely plant-based diet one day! Maybe we can consider this as a step in the right direction and a positive scientific innovation. When the aim is to create less suffering, and clean meat will help decrease the consumption of animals that feel pain when they are inhumanely slaughtered, we are eager to see how it will change the food industry.  For these reasons, clean meat may help in the efforts to save the animals and the planet. The jury is still out. But we will keep a close eye on this initiative and will continuously share its developments. We are looking forward to the day that we all eat conscientiously for the sake of the planet, and less animals suffer and die to end up on humanity’s plates!


For more information please visit:

The Good Food Institute –  https://www.gfi.org/

Memphis Meats- http://www.memphismeats.com/


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