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Suncafe’s Walnut Cheddar Cheese Tacos!

Suncafe’s Walnut Cheddar Cheese Tacos!

Welcome to Antoinette’s favorite restaurant!

Live at Suncafe Organic with guest taste tester Crispin Rosenkranz. Starting off the New Year right with the one and only Chef Ron Russell and Antoinette Westcott on #OneVeggieAtATime. Here to make your resolution easy with these healthy Walnut Cheddar Cheese Tacos.

This taco and wrap look heavenly!

Suncafe is Antoinette’s favorite restaurant, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us today. Chef Russell throws the walnut cheese ingredients into his Vitamix blender and mixes them up. He heats up the cheese on an induction burner. While that’s heating up, he chops up the veggies that will be used in the wrap today. Make sure to check out Ron’s technique so you don’t chop your fingers on accident…

Crispin, Antoinette, and Chef Ron Russell pose with the finished scrumptious items!

Chef Russell makes cooking look easy! You can learn how to cook like a pro too. He holds regular cooking classes, so be sure to sign up on the Suncafe Website! Enter their trip to Los Angeles with a $100 shopping Spree too if you live outside of the Los Angeles area. Check out Crispin’s reaction to the tacos. He has trouble describing the taco because it is so good! Be sure to stop by the spectacular Suncafe restaurant next time you’re in the North Hollywood area! 

Try making your own walnut cheese at home with this recipe! Yum!

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Antoinette Westcott with #OneVeggieAtATime reporting for JaneUnChained.

Photos and camerawork by Eric Faison.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.




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