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Campaign Victory: BOCA Confirms Most of Its Products are Now Vegan

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Campaign Victory: BOCA Confirms Most of Its Products are Now Vegan


Compassion Over Killing‘s (COK), Laura Cascada, is excited to share this breaking news update about our campaign to persuade BOCA Foods to ditch dairy. Over the past few months, the company has eliminated all but 4 items with dairy. That means 8 of BOCA’s 12 products are now completely vegan! BOCA Brand Manager Eric Palmer confirmed in a statement to COK: “At BOCA, we understand there are consumers who follow a vegan lifestyle or who otherwise avoid dairy. The majority of BOCA’s products are now vegan, and we’ll continue to explore opportunities to expand those vegan offerings.”

Consumers are demonstrating a change in demand through their purchases.

This encouraging shift towards more vegan options comes on the heals of COK’s efforts to ensure the company is aware of the growing demand for plant-based choices. Nearly 50,000 people have signed our petition urging BOCA’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, to ditch dairy and our campaign has been actively supported by several celebs and elite athletes. Since launching our ditch dairy campaign in February this year, BOCA has been introducing new vegan items such as falafel and the first all-vegan turkey burger. “We’re thrilled that BOCA is actively responding to the sizzling demand for vegan foods voiced by thousands of Compassion Over Killing supporters as well as consumers nationwide, by ditching cruel and unhealthy dairy from its products,” said Laura Cascada, COK’s Director of Corporate Outreach. “And we hope to see a fully vegan product line soon!”

Having a huge brand like BOCA shift towards offering mostly vegan items is huge and it is because of the conscientious consumers!

COK first reached out to BOCA Foods nearly 10 years ago, successfully persuading the company to stop using eggs in all of its products, impacting the lives of millions of caged laying hens. Now, with these next steps to ditch dairy, all signs point to a better BOCA brand — one that’s fully vegan! This shows how consumers can use demand in order to facilitate change on a large scale. Please take a minute to thank the company by commenting on their latest Facebook post, for taking steps to ditch dairy and let them know how much you’d love to see a fully vegan product line!

BOCA Foods, Starbucks, and any other companies mentioned are invited to respond at any time.

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Jane Velez-MItchell  reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.



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