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Burger King Sells Vegan Burger Across US!

Burger King Sells Vegan Burger Across US!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at a Burger King on Sepulveda in Los Angeles, California where the 2nd biggest fast food chain in the world is now serving the Impossible Foods 100% plant-based, Impossible Whopper! The company will “see what happens” before deciding if it’s permanent! Let’s turn out and support this and make it a permanent menu item! It could save millions of cows from suffering and death! This delicious, vegan burger is now for sale at all 7,200 Burger King restaurants across America, a huge victory for the animal rights/vegan movement! Let’s make it a permanent victory! Go try it today!

Taste testers Bill Muir, aka Sgt Vegan/Vegan Road Trip, Kim Delgado King, Kenziah RubensJane Velez-Mitchell and Sarah Segal bite in! Vegans, just say, no mayo! It’s really tasty! If you make it a point, they will also cook it away from the grill where meat is cooked. It also puts pressure on McDonald’s to follow suit! “Being brand led and being guest centric, we let our guests decide which items should earn a permanent place on our menus,” parent company President Jose Cil said. “We’re very excited about the prospects of building a platform with plant-based burgers and other menu options, but we’re starting as we always do and let’s see what happens.” We can make this happen!

the screen says it all: made from plants!
This screen, above the Burger King register, says it all: made from plants! Imagine how many cows won’t have to suffer and die if this becomes a permanent menu item!
Impossible Whopper sign
100% Whopper, Zero Beef! This item could become permanent if all the animal lovers/environmentalists support it! What a huge step forward for the plant-based movement! Go try it!
this is the Impossible Whopper!
The Impossible Whopper is delicious and comes with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. Just say: no mayo! You can ask them not to grill it on the meat grill.
Burger King poster outside restaurant.
Burger King is going all out to advertise this plant-based option!
worker with Impossible Whopper hat and t-shirt.
The servers at the Burger King we tried were delightful and helpful, enjoying our interest in their new product! Look at her t-shirt and hat!
Jane holds up an Impossible Whopper
Jane’s smile says it all. This is a great day. Every Impossible Whopper we buy saves many animals because it pressures McDonald’s to step up and offer its own plant-based burger option in the US!
vegans gather to celebrate the Impossible Whopper!
Actor Kenziah Rubens joins activist Kim Delgado King, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Sgt Vegan, who is giving the thumbs up. Sgt Vegan remained vegan while serving in Afghanistan and wishes he’d had this option then!
tight shot of Burger King's vegan burger
The Impossible Whopper is a game changer. It marks a change in our culture. Plant-based cuisine has gone mainstream! Let’s make it a permanent menu item!
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