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Gourmet Food and Cloud-Like Shoes!

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Gourmet Food and Cloud-Like Shoes!

Come into plant-based heaven!

Today’s LunchBreakLIVE guest is the multitalented vegan ballerina, inspirational speaker, writer and holistic nutritionist Agnes Muljadi, who recently launched her exciting new vegan shoe line, called Ease, in partnership with Frey of Tastemaker Supply ethical line that just launched last month! Join Agnes, Frey, Lynn, and Jane at Au Lac Restaurant’s Downtown Los Angeles location, an extraordinary gourmet vegan restaurant across from Disney Hall. Hear all about their amazing shoes while they try the awe-inspiring dishes at one of Jane’s all-time favorite restaurants on the planet!

These “Ease Sneakers” will make you want to dance every day!

You can get all of the flavors with none of the cruelty at this Au Lac Restaurant! They also have so many delicious diverse food options including the yuca root “Friend Fries,” banh mi sandwich, Ramen Solstice, Garlic Basil Noodles, and Raw Crimini Pesto Mushrooms made especially for today’s show. The ambiance is gorgeous and so are the food and drinks! You are what you eat, and this food is art. Lynn, one of the owners, explains that Chef Ito is the creative genius behind these innovative dishes. Not only has he made their offerings aesthetically appealing, they are also delicious and packed with plant-based nutrients! Come dine at Au Lac at their Los Angeles and Fountain Valley locations!

The Ramen Soltice features a macadamia nut broth that will warm your tastebuds and your spirit.
Lynn introduced Agnes to her business partner Frey and they decided on the spot to embark on a high-quality vegan shoe line! Frey explains that their objective is to “change the perception of vegan shoes.” Agnes helped design a super comfortable stylish vegan shoe for dancers that customarily have sore tired feet after dancing all day. These shoes are built to last with durable vegan materials and padded to the max so you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud! Tastemaker shoes are made for anyone who likes comfort and style all in one attractive package. Get them before their gone at the link below!
You won’t sacrifice any style or comfort with these eye-catching cruelty-free “Taste Artistry” boots!

Get your amazingly comfortable Tastemaker Shoes today!


Visit Artsy Agnes’s website!

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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Au Lac Restaurant and Tastemaker Supply.
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